Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday December 4, 2010

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Missed

Lunch: Fried egg, pork rib, onions and rice

Dinner: Blackbean, potato, tomato and onion soup

Baking: ANZAC Cookies

Today I made ANZAC Cookies. These are one of my favourite cookies. I had been thinking about these for sometime and only managed to make them today since I was out of dessicated coconut. For me these cookies were normal since I come from the Southern Hemisphere, now I live in Europe and suddenly these have become exotic. I haven't seen ANZAC cookies being sold here which is probably a good thing since freshly homemade ones are far better. Its also easier to control the ingredients. I used 25% less sugar and it was perfectly fine.

The combination of coconuts, oats and syrup is awesome, and the aroma that fills the house during and after baking is magical

By the way these cookies don't keep well at all, they taste too good to last... I froze part of the batch for later use, it turned out to be later during the day it:)

Today's Favourite Blog
Excellent photos and the feel good factor and motivation you need when presented with many dessert options...the blog will make you feel less guilty in case you over-indulged

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