Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blue Cheese, fried quail and organic humans

Spinach in Blue Cheese Sauce with Fusilli
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Missed
Dinner: Adzuki in tomato sauce with sourdough flatbread
Baking/sweets/snacks: Small bit of chocolate, small amount of oat sweets, spiced adzuki
The spinach and blue cheese combination worked well, it was the first time I tried it. The dish was ready in about 10-15 minutes, and packed with flavour and nutrition. The soft ripened blue cheese had an intense flavour. I used it with restraint otherwise the dish would become spinach flavoured blue cheese with pasta! Probably not such a bad idea!

Today's Favourite Photo
The pork belly is leaning a bit, the peanuts seem lost and lonely but complaints aside I would be more than happy to dig into it!

Today's Favourite Blog
cinnamon pig
cinnamon pig has a very simple and delicious sounding recipe for nyonya-style deep fried quail. The recipe has four ingredients plus oil for deep frying. All that is required is to marinate the quail in curry powder and yogurt for at least 4 hours, then deep fry until golden brown and delicious.

The simplicity of this dish blows me away. To understand better I compared with other vaguely similar dishes. Deep fried chicken ala KFC is battered. Tandoori comes closest since the meat is marinated in yogurt and spices and baked, not deep fried.

Today’s Random Ramblings: Organic Humans
The USDA has been asked to decide if organic means outdoors. Should chicken only be considered organic if it is allowed to roam freely, in open space? For how long should the chicken roam freely during the day and over what area? Very difficult questions to answer, the USDA has a difficult task at hand. Here’s my very insightful perspective to this debate! Humans were 'organic' long time ago. We didn't spend as much of our time indoors in front of the TV or computer (like right now) and probably didn't eat so much processed food. We have changed and it is called evolution. And its a good thing. I am just wondering whether evolution in the animal world should be accepted. Right now evolved animals (ala factory chicken) is considered inferior to organic chicken, on the other hand we have evolved and its viewed positively.

I really don’t know what my point it, I am having a difficult time trying to understand this…I can imagine what the USDA is going through to figure out an acceptable response. I am glad I don't work for USDA.


  1. A great lunch! OMG, that pork belly looks damn good.



  2. Love the picture of the roast pork belly! Love the simplicity in your pasta dish.

  3. I love blue cheese in pasta and it must taste so good with the spinach! The definition of organic is definitely an enigma...I'm just glad that I don't have to figure it out!

  4. The photo of your lunch pasta is extraordinary and the dish sounds delicious. I have a weakness for anything that has blue cheese as an ingredient. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

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  6. Rosa: yes that pork belly with crispy skin...irresistible
    Ellie: thanks for the compliments
    Joanne: It does taste good with spinach:) Glad we don't need to decide on organic stuff, otherwise we will end up with a big headache!
    Mary: I also have a weakness for blue cheese and I usually manage to stay away...Have a great day too

  7. That pork belly looks so perfect, I can just imagine the crunch on thet skin. Yummy!