Friday, January 28, 2011

Jan 27, 2011: Beef, sale and sundae

Thai red curry beef
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with sultanas, toasted coconut and linseed
Lunch: Thai red beef curry and rice
Dinner: Wholemeal bread with blue cheese and jam
Baking/sweets: Wholemeal bread (experiment)
The beef was excellent. All components that make a nice meal were present, some of it in abundance - tender beef, rich creamy sauce, aromatic rice, great company and good atmosphere. If I was forced to be critical, the only thing I would pick on was the crunchy bamboo shoots. I like them tender, with the slightest of crunch.

The wholemeal bread was made with baking powder and apple cider vinegar. It was moist and delicious. Next time I will bake two loaves, one with vinegar, one without, and see if vinegar makes a difference.

Today's Favourite Photo
It’s a sundae, not ice cream sundae, not a sweet sundae, not pikelet sundae, not pie sundae, its Korean sundae, or blood sausage. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake if you are a vegetarian or don’t like blood sausage. 

Today's Favourite Blog
A post about an upcoming online bake sale on Jan 31, to raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their fight against leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's Disease and myeloma. The bake sale is for a good cause, and I also find the approach interesting. I had never heard of online bake sale before. Yes I know, I have been in hibernation. It works as follows. Participating bakers announce the items on offer and the minimum bid is US$15. The highest bidder donates the funds to charity and the participating baker sends the items to the winning bidder. I presume it is more practical and cost effective if both the buyer and seller are based in the US.


  1. What yummy food! That curry looks good. I love Thai dishes.



  2. Thai food is my favorite type! And this beef looks wonderful!

    Go Leukemia and Lymphoma society! I've run marathons with them before and they are the best.