Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday January 15, 2011

Stuffed zucchini with polenta
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Stuffed zucchini with polenta
Dinner: Potato bread with butter and cheese
Baking/sweets: Potato bread, quick oat sweets, experiement with polenta and banana cookie

The zucchini was stuffed with chopped pickled herring and onions. The combination worked well together, the polenta helping to mellow down the strong herring and onion taste. The zucchini had a little bit of crunch which was nice.

I created a simple recipe for potato bread that requires no yeast and relatively little kneading. The bread turns out relatively light, quite moist, with a texture somewhere between that of cake and regular bread. The bread has lower gluten content because of potatoes.

Today's Favourite Blog
Its always nice to hear of new interesting desserts from exotic places. Russian Season presents a recipe for a Slovakian treat called Parižske Rožky (Paris Hilton Horns). The treat (Paris Hilton Horns) has silky buttercream and crispy meringue coated with chocolate glaze. Cream, meringue and chocolate combinations are not new, however different combinations and styles can be concocted. Parižske Rožky is new to my eyes.

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  1. That all sounds delicious! That is a very interesting stuffed zucchini; I love how you added in the polenta to balance out the flavor.

    That dessert looks amazing! I wish I had a plate of it to try out. Yum! enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Julie: thanks for visiting. Yes that dessert looks amazing. Have a great weekend too

  3. Thank you So much for the mention!! And your potato bread sounds amazing. Looking at the picture, I just can't believe it's made without yeast. How did your experiment with polenta/banana cookie go?

  4. Alina: you are welcome. The experiment with polenta/banana cookie went OK, I felt it was not a very good combination. I made just one cookie and happily ate it:)

  5. heeey you should have eaten three cookies :)) well i saw those lemon-whatever polenta cookies on your waiting list, good luck with them - I find the combination of polenta, lemon zest and dried fruit simply terrifying!

  6. Alina: haha:) Thanks for the motivation! Terrifying? Really?