Friday, March 25, 2011

ANZAC dough, adzuki coconut tomato and computer problem

Adzuki beans in spicy coconut tomato sauce with rice

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana and linseeds
Lunch: Adzuki beans in spicy coconut tomato sauce with rice
Dinner: Garlic bread, carrots
Baking/sweets: ANZAC Cookie dough

It feels a bit strange to write that I ate cookie dough instead of cookies. But ANZAC Cookie dough is really delicious, even straight out of the freezer, and it has no eggs. I made ANZAC cookies some days ago and froze half of the dough, hoping it would last at least a few days. It lasted one day only. There wasn’t much though. I made enough dough for 6 cookies, had 3 cookies and the rest in dough form.

Adzuki with tomato paste and desiccated coconut worked well. I had never tried this combination before.

An unrelated news. Last night (24 March) my laptop screen went blank just before I was going to post the blog. Today I had to buy a new laptop and I still need to recover my files. Hence the delay and computer problems can be annoying. Today for some strange reason I was not really annoyed.

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