Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Banana jam, Mayan chocolate cookies and how to help Japan

Salmon and peas in white wine sauce with pasta

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Scrambled egg on sourdough toast
Lunch: Salmon and peas in white wine sauce with pasta
Dinner: Rice and chickpeas in red curry (without coconut milk)
Baking/sweets: Oat sweets, banana jam

The banana jam was an experiment, and it turned out good. I have never heard of nor tried banana jam previously. I don’t know why banana jam is not sold in supermarkets, it is delicious but I am sure there is a valid reason for its unavailability.

The recipe for banana jam is available here.

Today's Favourite Photo
Crispy Spicy Mayam Chocolate Cookies

Today’s Favourite Blog
Today’s favourite food blog does not involve a food related article. Camemberu has a post titled “How to Help Japan”. The following paragraphs are taken from Camemberu:  

Google has launched a crisis response page, with tools to help find people. You can also donate to the Japanese Red Cross directly via Google Checkout there.

Save The Children has a Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. Zynga has also partnered Save The Children, so if you play CityVille, Farmville and Frontierville online games, you'll be able to donate quite easily.

CNNmoney.com has a page on what to give, and what to avoid especially fraudulent sites and emails. Give only to established and well-known aid organisations, particularly those who already have a presence in Japan.

Even Twitter Japan released a blog post on how to help (scroll down to see English portion).


  1. I've never heard of banana jam before! Looking forward to reading your recipe!

  2. Great fav blog. I've already donated to several organizations due to this tragedy.

  3. That's a horrific disaster in Japan, my prayers for them definitely and will donate also as much as we can.
    BTW Banana halwa, I have never imagined. Waiting for your post.

  4. Wonderful choices again today. Regarding altitude. People who live at higher elevations have greater lung capacity than the rest of us. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Azita: sorry, I will post the recipe tomorrow (hopefully)
    yummychunklet: pleased to hear that, Japan needs a lot of help
    Umm Mymoonah: sorry, I will post the recipe tomorrow (hopefully)
    Mary: thanks for the clarification. I just remembered - athletes train at higher altitudes to develop lung capacity