Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lunner, Mocha Cupcakes and Modernist Cuisine

Spinach rice with poached egg
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with sultanas, toasted coconut and linseeds
Lunch: Spinach rice with poached egg
Dinner: Pasta and mixed vege soup, fries and roasted chickpeas
Baking/sweets: Mint chocolate

Today I had lunner. If brunch is breakfast and lunch, then lunner must be lunch and dinner. Lunner sounds like lunatic, not an attractive name for a meal. On the other hand dinnch sounds even worse. Lundin in another option but that’s a Swedish surname and the name of a company. So lunner it is.

A tip I discovered today for poaching an egg using a soup ladle. I placed an egg inside the ladle which then went into a pot of boiling water. The ladle was secured so it didn’t move around. You end up with a perfect round shaped poached egg.

Today's Favourite Photo
Café Mocha Cupcakes

Today’s Favourite Blog
Michael has a detailed post on cooking dried beans. I cook dried beans regularly and I have done a lot of research. There is one thing new I learnt. According to Modernist Cuisine, “if your beans never seem to get tender, it may not be the salt, or the soaking, but rather the minerals in your tap water!” The book suggests cooking beans in deionized water.  "Deionized water is not pleasant to drink but will result in tender but not mushy beans."

It is always good to learn something new. And sometimes we learn something very useful which we may never apply. This is one of them. I will not be looking for deionized water to cook my beans.

A tip from me for dried beans. I always cook a lot and freeze them. They keep well and precooked frozen beans cook really fast!


  1. How about "dunch"? That is a perfect poached egg ... something I can't seem to grasp no matter what I try.

  2. Ping: dunch is a good suggestion, wish I thought of that earlier.