Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naked pie, pistachio butter and healthy school lunch

Naked bacon and egg pie with chips and baked onion
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Boiled egg and white bread
Lunch: Naked mini bacon and egg pie with chips and baked onion
Dinner: Pasta with cauliflower and carrots in spicy tomato sauce

‘Naked pie’ got your attention, didn’t it? Expecting to read something exciting and juicy? Sorry to disappoint but naked pie is just a pie which is naked, it has no pastry. I could call it baked bacon and egg but ‘naked pie’ sounds far more interesting. And calling it naked pie makes it taste better as well!

Bacon and egg pie is one of my favourite pies. I had it naked today not by choice there is no pastry at home and I had no time to make it myself. Naked pie is great, however when it comes to pies I prefer mine fully dressed up, covered from head to toe. Pies with little bit of exposure is fine also. I’ve heard many chefs say ‘less is more’ but with pies less is definitely less. Maybe the chefs are referring not to pies but people!

Today's Favourite Photo
Pistachio butter cups 

Today’s Favourite Blog
Huffington Post has an article which I found funny but I don’t think it was meant to be a joke. A school in Chicago has banned students from bringing lunch from home. The reason is to protect students from unhealthy eating! I thought the quality of meals served at schools were generally shocking. Now it seems that even though the food is shocking it is still better than packed lunch. The lesser of two evils I suppose! It is better to feed kids pizzas and nuggets made from mystery meat and unclassified material rather than let them eat home packed lunch. Unfortunately these poor kids still eat other meals at home, or probably at McDonalds. 


  1. Your lunch will make a good breakfast for me specially that bacon and egg pie, that would complete my day! Yummy

  2. I did a research project this year on how unhealthy school lunches are so I HATE that this has happened in Chicago. Kids who eat school lunch are more likely to be obese than those who don't...so unless that school in Chicago is making an effort to really change the meals they serve, then they really need to rethink their policy!

    Naked pie makes me smile. :P

  3. Oh my, I have never seen pistachio butter cups before! How unique! Were these homemade or am I able to get my hands on one?!

    I am not a huge pie eater but I do love a good pie. This mini naked bacon and egg pie is very cute and, I'm sure, very delicious too. I may experiment with this next time I am making a cooked breakfast!

  4. Naked pie? Nice! It should go well with the nipple cookies I read about on "Laws of the Kitchen" =D

  5. Hey, thanks so much for featuring my pistachio butter cups! I am so flattered :D
    *kisses* HH

  6. Lisa: thanks for visiting, glad you liked it!
    angsarap: bacon and egg breakfast in another shape and form!
    Joanne:I agree, I suppose on average school meals are not the best. In one particular case it turned out better than home packed lunch
    Hazel: homemade, you can see the recipe if you click on the link. Its basically pistachio butter coated with chocolate
    yummychunklet: naked pie and nipple cookies??? Nice combo. Laws of kitchen?
    HH: you are most welcome

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