Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pickled eggs and high fat/low carb good for kidneys?

Red curry bulgur, lentils and bacon
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Polenta and banana porridge
Lunch: Red curry bulgur, lentils and bacon
Dinner: Flax seed sourdough, pickled carrot salad
Baking/sweets: Flax seed sourdough

The bulgur dish was flavourful. The red curry was made with tomato sauce instead of coconut cream and it worked well. I used homemade pasta sauce, not the sweet tomato sauce/ketchup from the bottle. Maybe that would work as well but I won't be trying that anytime soon! Lentil, tomato and curry work really well together, like a happy family.

I hosted this weeks Presto Pasta Night. You can see the list of dishes and reviews here.

Today's Favourite Photo
Pickled Eggs

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: BBC
According to US scientists, a high fat and low carb diet can repair kidney damage in diabetic mice. Tests on humans have not been done yet. Diabetes UK responded by saying it was questionable whether humans could sustain the diet.

This shows how complex and forgiving the human body is. It is unusual but not surprising that fat and carbs could be good for diabetics. In previous posts I mentioned other research findings including consumption of certain fatty foods helps burn fat. There are so many different and conflicting findings which can be difficult to reconcile sometimes. Some of these research can give us a headache but I guess it is good to know anyway. I remember when the oldest person (a lady) in Kazakhstan was asked for her secret to long life, she said she drank tea with butter everyday. Some centenarians smoke everyday while others drink and they can well claim it as their secret to long life, and its difficult to dispute the results.


  1. THe bulgur dish looks great! Purple eggs look lovely.

  2. I truly believe that life is about balance and that having fat in your diet is absolutely necessary! As is having carbs and protein. That is the key to living a long life!

    That bulgur sounds delicious!

  3. That curried bulgar looks amazing! And the purple eggs are just too pretty to eat! =)

  4. You've shared more excellent choices with us. I enjoyed today's Pasta Round-Up. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. I've never actually seen the inside of pickled eggs. The color is brilliant!

  6. The eggs resemble cute rose petals.

  7. Never tried pickled eggs before or had encountered it, the most unique egg dish I ever encountered was the Chinese Tea Eggs

  8. Those eggs are stunning! Arranged like that, they look like a flower. Great find!