Thursday, April 28, 2011

Polenta and banana porridge, chocolate hazelnut cake and Swensen’s palm sugar CSR

Spinach and smoked sausage omelet with ciabatta
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Polenta and banana porridge with flax seeds
Lunch: Spinach and smoked sausage omelet on ciabatta
Dinner: Rice, soy beans and carrots in tomato sauce, polenta and chickpeas in tomato sauce

Soy beans and carrots is not the best combination but I ate it anyway, its healthy! Today I am not really in the mood of writing much and I don't want to use up space with random bla bla bla so I will stop. In yesterdays blog I covered 7 mood improving foods. Maybe I should eat some berries for increased clarity!

Today's Favourite Photo
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Today's Favourite Blog
Source: Sparklette
As part of corporate social responsibility casual-dining restaurant chain Swensen's now uses palm sugar in two of its ice cream flavours.  And it didn't stop there. Swensen's is absorbing some of the costs by selling the ice cream with palm sugar at a lower price compared with regular ice cream even though imported palm sugar costs more.

This is a great initiative and I hope this inspires other companies. Even though products from emerging markets with a sustainability focus are gaining in popularity, higher price is a barrier. While Swensen's is doing this for altruistic reasons, it would be interesting to see how it works out financially over time. Even though the margins are lower it is conceivable that higher sales would more than off-set the reduced margins. CSR can make business sense. 


  1. Good to see a major restaurant taking social responsibility seriously.

  2. oh that hazelnut cake looks amazing!

  3. Your breakfast is so healthy! I love the flavours on that ciabatta sandwich too :)

  4. Wonderful choices all.I do love that hazelnut cake. It looks delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. That ciabatta sandwich looks awesome and the cake is just to die for.



  6. Love ciabatta bread and the sandwich looks inviting and delicious..and that hazelnut cake looks incredibly good..would love to have a slice now..YUM!

  7. That spinach and sausage omelette ciabatta looks amazing !