Monday, April 18, 2011

Polenta cookies, crispy roast pork 7 natural energy boosters

Poached egg with broiled potato and pickled beets
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Sourdough polenta bread with jam
Lunch: Poached egg with broiled potato and pickled beets
Dinner: Chickpeas and mixed veges in tomato mustard sauce with sourdough polenta bread
Baking/sweets: Polenta Cookies (experimented with different flavours)

Today was a great cookie cooking and eating day! The theme of todays baking was quick and easy, and butter-free. I tried different flavour combinations with polenta including coconut, chocolate, ginger, apricot jam and raisins. They all worked well, in their own special way. I will post a recipe hopefully in a day or two.

The cookies are really quick and easy to make. It is great, on the other hand it is not always good when certain things are too easy. The idea of having cookies ready in about 15 minutes can be dangerous if the craving cannot be ‘tamed’! The recipe is available here.

Coconut polenta daim cookies

Its pasta time, I am hosting the presto pasta night. Please send me your pasta dishes. If delivery will be inconvenient for you, then alternatively send a photo, recipe and a story about you and your dish. Deadline for entries is Thursday night April 21. You can read more about this great initiative here:

Today's Favourite Photo
Crispy Roast Pork (with lonely peanuts!)
Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Care2
Care2 has an interesting article discussing 7 natural energy boosters. I was unfamiliar with all of them except one – cayenne. Cayenne surprised me since I did not expect it so be an energy booster. Cayenne boosts energy by improving circulation. It also helps ward off colds, sinus infections, and sore throats, and reduce pain and inflammation. Now there is even greater incentive to eat spicy food!

The other 6 energy boosters are bee pollen, royal jelly extract, Siberian ginseng, spirulina, gotu kola and ho shou wu.  


  1. That pork looks awesome

  2. Wow! Interesting. I love polenta but have never had them as cookies. I am going to give it a try!

  3. That's a nice looking poached egg.

  4. The coconut polenta cookies look like something I would love, The pork looks good too, but the egg and potatoes I would love! Blessings, Catherine

  5. That roast pork looks so perfect!

  6. all looking quite delectable - Love the Polenta :)

  7. the polenta cookies look yummy!

  8. Mika: thank you, thanks for visiting.
    Maris: polenta cookies are awesome
    Little Inbox: I poached using my 'secret' method. See
    Catherine: thank you
    angsarap: yes it does, and I bet it tasted perfect too
    Now Serving: thank you
    Julie: thanks for visiting, they tasted yummy:)

  9. The polenta cookies sound so delicious! Can't wait to see the recipe :)

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