Friday, April 1, 2011

Rolled oats sourdough, brown sugar cake and deep fried mayonnaise

Adzuki beans in coconut and tomato sauce with bulgur
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Sourdough rolled oat bread and butter
Lunch: Adzuki beans in coconut and tomato sauce with bulgur, some finger food
Dinner: Toasted sourdough rolled oat bread with jam and adzuki spread
Baking/sweets: Sourdough rolled oat bread

The sourdough rolled oat bread was an experiment that went right. I made it using a mixture of plain flour and rolled oats . The bread was moist and airy with a subtle sourdough flavor.

The adzuki beans in coconut and tomato sauce is something I have cooked once before. All ingredients are added to a pot and cooked on low heat until it reaches the desired consistency and tenderness. I like such effortless dishes, especially when time is of the essence.

And finally a criticism to all of us for being uncreative and boring, including me of course. Today is April fools day and I saw only one blog which gave respect to April fools! Unfortunately I did not remember the day well in advance to do something about it, and now its too late. But on a positive note, it will come back next year.

Today's Favourite Photo
Brown sugar cake with mixed toffee nuts

Today’s Favourite Blog
The college culinarian has a recipe for deep fried mayonnaise which sounds rather interesting. From Tony Bourdain’s No Reservations, I learnt that deep frying is a well used culinary technique in Scotland. Many food items are available in deep fried version. I am sure most of us have heard of or tried deep fried mars bars. However it seems deep fried mayonnaise originated in the US, so the US takes credit for this contribution to the culinary world. And what sauce would you prefer with your deep fried mayonnaise? Perhaps mayonnaise would complement the mayonnaise well. 

By the way, this was the only April fools post I read. There is no deep fried mayonnaise but it can be done. Deep fried ice cream is popular, why not mayonnaise.


  1. That brown sugar cake looks amazing, especially with the pecans on top!

  2. Oo adzuki beans??? Looks awesome! Happy april fools , I am glad fried mayo doesn't exist!

  3. Deep-fried mayonnaise! I am intrigued!

  4. The cake looks yummy and moist with the brown sugar sauce.

  5. First time in your blog .. and you have a great space here :)

  6. I really love watching your daily food choices, i like your food! :)