Saturday, May 21, 2011

Egg Custard Tarts and 6 Foods to Eat If You're Skipping Meat

Egg Custard Tart
Food Diary (May 21, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Rolled oats with raisins, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds
Dinner: Lentils with potatoes
Baking/sweets: Egg custard tarts

In my last two blogs I discussed research relating to ice cream and potatoes. The conclusion was that ice cream is not that bad, potatoes are good and chips are not that bad. Unfortunately today I don’t have good news relating to any other treat. I am on the lookout for studies which conclude that eating lots of cakes, cookies and brownies are not that bad. I have yet to find such a study!

Anyway the custard tart I made today is not that bad. It has milk and eggs which are good for you. There is butter and sugar which are not bad in moderation. But the tarts are certainly delicious. Its not the prettiest looking tart but delicious to eat nevertheless. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Wedding Cake

Today’s Favourite Blog 
The Huffington Post article discussing “6 Foods to Eat If You're Skipping Meat” has the usual suspects such as beans and leafy greens included in the list. Fortified soymilk, wholegrains and walnuts also get mentioned but iodised salt is a surprise for me. I usually read articles suggesting reducing salt intake. Surely salt is necessary but we take enough both directly and indirectly. The article has an interesting perspective. Iodine is essential to thyroid health and this is found in seafood. Vegetarians and vegans need an alternative source and iodised salt is an easy fix. Seaweed is another natural source of iodine however its not a very common food item. Salt is a more accessible option. Perhaps vegetarians can have an extra dose of salt with their french fries.


  1. That egg custard tart looks delicious. Put anything in a pie or tart crust and I am a willing eater!

  2. What a pretty wedding cake!

  3. I love egg custards, everytime I see a chinese bakery I always buy one of these ones.

  4. Your tart looks yummy. I love egg custard (especially when it's with vanilla!).
    Sadly I'm not very optimistic about the studies confirming the cookies and cakes are good for our health ;-) The scientist who discovers it will be the most loved person in the world!

  5. wow That wedding cake...just stunning!

  6. I guess nothing is that bad when eaten in moderation. The problem comes when i have to stop at one. And i dont think that will be easy with those egg custard tarts!

  7. Oh yeah, I just saw the wedding cake at Sandra's site. You are so sweet posting and promoting blogger's site. It's a great support.