Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flourless Cheesecake Brownies and 9,000-year-old evidence that humans ate dogs

Pasta with pickled herring in tomato mustard sauce
Food Diary (May 23, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds
Lunch: Pasta with pickled herring in tomato mustard sauce
Dinner: Polenta and lentils, rolled oats with desiccated coconut and raisins

The pasta dish was excellent, simple and delicious. I love pickled herring, the texture, flavor and simplicity of it. And not forgetting nutrition. Herring is a good source of omega-3. It is good brain food, however I am still waiting for the effects! 

Today's Favourite Photo
Flourless Cheesecake Brownies

Today’s Favourite Blog
Scientists sometimes amaze me. They find all sorts of facts, some more useless than others. The Washington Post has an article titled “9,000-year-old evidence that humans ate dogs”. The scientists found a dog bone in 9,260-year-old naturally preserved human feces in Texas. Yet we still don’t know who shot John F Kennedy. Amazing.

Sometime ago I saw a documentary on evolution. The conclusion was that humans were vegetarians thousands of years ago and as we evolved we became carnivores. This supposedly explains changes that took place in the human body. For example our teeth were flatter when we were vegetarians and I think our brains were smaller too. It is bigger now but I wonder if we are smarter!


  1. Never had pickled herring. Looks tasty though!

  2. The brownies are flour-less? That's cool, and they do look a little like marble cheescakes..hehe, is the name flourless marble cheesecake brownies, LOL!:p
    The news on the dog-eating is just a bit horrifying to me, I can't understand why would people want to do that either...and yeah, I agreed that they are discovering all these things and yet, murderers are going scot free:p

  3. Oh yes, the Chinese are famous for eating dog meat but not this one. Your brownies look fabulous. Me too have not had any pickled herring, wonder how it taste.

  4. How bizarre! I always love a good food history fact, they are always talking about new things so it's great to read something old. My favourite type of brownie has to be the flourless (made with ground almonds) so I bet these with cheesecake on top are even better!

  5. I would love to eat the pasta with pickled herring in tomato sauce.... Looks so delicious!

  6. One of my friends had a serious obsession with pickled fish for a while and I made fun of him for it endlessly...but this looks delicious!

  7. Dog, hm? Doesn't sound nearly as appetizing as those flourless brownies :) Thanks for sharing tho, and for swinging by Deep Dish!

  8. I never had pickled fish, and would love to try...the pasta looks delicious. The flourless cheesecake bars look gorgeous. Interesting facts about the dog eating...and I am so glad that I was not born 9,260 years ago. Have a wonderful week ;-)

  9. I love pickled herring, but have never had it with hot dishes (always alone or in salads...). Looks very yummy. I see you like pickled herrings a lot :-) We both love them with my husband, especially in a mustard or dill sauce. Difficult to get good ones in Switzerland though. I should start pickling on my own :-)

    Interesting... every now and then the scientists say we were either vegetarians or carnivores. I have recently read all our digestive system is the one of carnivores and that we were always carnivorous animals. Whom should we believe?

  10. Sissi: the documentary I saw concluded that the human body (including digestive system) evolved as we became carnivores. For example the shape of our teeth changed. Its difficult to know the truth though, scientific studies are almost like speculation.

    I once tried fried picked herring in a restaurant, wasn't my favourite.

  11. When I used to eat seafood I tried pickled herring. My husband still eats it now and again.

    I love the look of your flourless cheesecake brownies, especially the marbled effect.

  12. That's one of those facts that is going to stick with me. ;)

    And now I shall continue with my ogling of the cheesecake brownies.

  13. Until now I suppose dogs are eaten specially in Asia. Korea and China is known for that, even Philippines before people eat dogs, it just stopped when a law I guess was passed that it is illeagal to eat one.