Thursday, May 12, 2011

Salmon pudding, foie gras and chocolate and rice hull smoke

Salmon pudding with salmon roe and tomato salad
Food Diary (May 11, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Dinner: spaghetti with lentil and spinach
Baking/sweets: frozen cookie dough (afghan cookies and coconut cornflake cookies)
Salmon pudding (laxpudding) is a traditional Swedish dish. The recipe is available here. The suggestion is to serve the pudding with melted butter. I skipped this ‘butter sauce’ and instead opted for tomato salad. I know this is boring but I suppose ‘butter sauce’ would be nicer during the colder months.

Today's Favourite Photo
Foie gras and chocolate

Today’s Favourite Blog
ScienceDaily reports on analysis done on liquid smoke produced from rice hulls, the hard, inedible coverings of rice grains. The result – the liquid smoke is packed with antioxidant, antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory substances.

This is great news, not only from the nutritional perspective but also the environmental perspective. Each year 136 millions tons of hulls are produced and this goes to waste. It is amazing why this was not thought of before. Humans seem to be getting smarter day by day, using resources more efficiently. 


  1. Foie gras and chocolate. Heaven.

  2. Love salmon roe! What foie gras and chocolate... very gourmet!

  3. It has been ages since I haven't prepared laxpudding, but the recipe I thought genuine called for raw salmon (not cured) and there wasn't any mention of cod roe :-( Salt cured salmon must be really good, but I have never seen it here. Your salmon roe version is beautiful and looks particularly delicious! Very interesting Science Daily article. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sissi: the traditional laxpudding does not have salmon roe! Its really simple to salt cure salmon yourself, rub with salt (and maybe sugar) and leave for an hour or more. This really intensifies the flavour

  5. These food are completely new to me, salmon pudding and the combination of foie gras with chocolate. I think the salmon pudding looks very good with the tomatoes.


  6. Oh such delicacies! Very interestdin the salmon pudding

  7. Love your blog and loving this recipe!

  8. That salmon roe pudding looks really good! I love to try it. Also that Foie gras and chocolate is a wierd combination.