Friday, May 6, 2011

Vege chorizo, orange lime jelly and why sushi is expensive

Lentil and mixed vegetable stew
Food Diary (May 5, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins and flaxseeds
Lunch: Lentil and mixed vegetable stew with potatoes
Dinner: Sourdough rye bread toast

Todays eating highlight involved little eating, literally. I tasted vegetarian chorizo in the supermarket and it tasted like meat chorizo. I was amazed. I would not have guessed it was vegetarian if I was not told. Amazing stuff. I think it was tofu chorizo.
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Orange lime jelly

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Source: ieatishootipost
An insightful blog on why sushi is expensive, well good sushi anyway.  Good sushi requires really fresh fish, obviously, and this means line caught fish which are killed, bled on the spot and iced immediately. As a result the fish undergoes a slow rigor mortis resulting in it remaining fresh for longer. The mass caught fish does not get the same treatment. This affects the freshness and the price.

Almost everyday I walk past sushi places selling sushi at a really reasonable price. On the other hand sushi at high end places costs many times more. Now we know why. Sushi and fish in general smell more fishy especially in cheaper restaurants. This is because as fish gets less fresh some chemical present in the fish starts to oxidise producing the fishy smell. If you go fishing you will notice that bait smells really fishy and if you do manage to catch fish you will notice that the fish does not smell fishy.


  1. Hmmm... I suppose we'll never really get good sushi/sashimi unless we take a bite out of the fish we just caught right off the hook! The penguins have it good!

  2. Your orange lime jelly looks so yummy! Beautiful presentation and picture too! I enjoyed reading your post. As a Japanese myself, I will never ever go to a cheap sushi place. I'm sorry but fresh fish shouldn't be so cheap. In Japan sushi is considered expensive food and we don't eat it so often. Or we go when there is some occasion. Once you eat fresh one, you know fish melts in your tongue... There are too many mediocre sushi places that most people don't know what real sushi is... Thanks for explaining about the chemistry of smell. It was quite educational. :-)

  3. I had veg chorizo not too long ago and was amazed at how closely it resembled meat chorizo! Good stuff.

    Really good sushi is TOTALLY worth paying for in my opinion!

  4. Sadly, here in Arizona, we are hopelessly land-locked and good, fresh seafood is rare. I miss the great sushi I could get when I lived near the coast in Seattle. You are right that the good stuff is worth a little more money.

  5. i love stews! i went out to sushi twice this week, and I go fishing all the time. That is very true- and you get what you pay for in this case! I love me some fish, especially if I caught it!

  6. I would be curious to taste the vege chorizo to see if I can tell the difference. The colour of the orange lime jelly looks so elegant!

  7. ping: exactly, the freshest is straight out of the water, the second best is in the best sushi bars:)
    Nami: outside Japan sushi is almost an everyday cheap item, this is so wrong.
    Joanne: good stuff indeed
    Kristen: I suppose pros and cons of living in a landlocked place.
    Mary: yes it does look delicious
    Laural: I used to go fishing a lot but never had my own sushi (wish I did but can't turn back time unfortunately)
    chopinandmysaucepan: it should be available in Sydney, though perhaps a very rare item

  8. That vegetable mix stew looks so appetizing!