Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fish spread, cloudberry ice cream and eating junk food is good?

Fish spread and caviar with oat sourdough
Food Diary (June 18, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Fish spread and caviar with oat sourdough, cream cheese and tomato open sandwich
Dinner: Vegetable fried rice
Baking/sweets: chocolates, custard

The fish spread and caviar with sourdough was fishy delicious. It was a flavor explosion, all three strong flavours worked well. It was like a happy marriage between three individuals with strong personalities, though I would not be happy if my lunch was called a polygamy sandwich. That really does not sound appealing and appetizing. 

I have a bad habit. When I go to supermarkets I walk around and sometimes pick up items even if it is not on the shopping list. Today I picked up a packet of pre-made custard. I avoid buying pre-made food from supermarkets and this is the first time I bought pre-made custard. The custard was actually fairly decent, not very sweet and made with real vanilla beans. I bought it because it was on special, extremely cheap, too cheap for me to walk away. I think some of the pre-made stuff is fairly high quality. I also saw a can of croissant dough. The can had a big sheet of dough rolled up. All you had to do is open the can, cut the dough, roll and bake. Sounds interesting and perhaps not a bad option. It might actually taste better than the mass produced croissants. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu
Textures of Almond and Pear with Cloudberries Ice Cream

Today’s Favourite Blog
The title of the article “New study endorses eating fake junk food” got my attention. Research suggests that brainpower is more important in dieting than scientists realized. When people eat diet or health foods, their bodies respond differently than when they indulge in seemingly unhealthy foods. This could mean they take in more calories from healthy foods.

In a study 46 participants were given two different taste tests a week apart. In one test, they drank a shake labeled "health shake," which they were told had 140 calories; in the other test they were given an "indulgent shake," which they were told contained a whopping 620 calories. In fact both shakes were the same 360-calorie shake. The participants' blood was sampled, testing it for a protein called ghrelin, a gut hormone that plays an important role in appetite. Generally ghrelin levels increase before eating and it drops when the gut senses food. So the less ghrelin you have, the less you want to eat.

The study found that when participants drank the "indulgent" shake, ghrelin levels dropped much quicker than when they drank the shake labeled healthy. The drop in ghrelin levels would make you feel full faster and you are less likely to gain weight. The conclusion is that if you think you are eating unhealthy the body reacts in a way that you feel full faster and you end up eating less.


  1. That fish spread with caviar sounds delicious!

  2. I am very intruiged by your lunch. I looks rich without being heavy. Perfect for summer.

  3. Your fish spread and caviar make me think of the Japanese "parent and child" dishes :-) The fish spread is your own recipe or do you buy it ready to use?
    I make a lot of French tarts (sweet and savoury) and frankly have never dared preparing the puff pastry on my own (it's extremely difficult and very rare are the French home cooks who make it).I always buy it in the supermarket, already rolled out. The most important thins is to buy the butter pastry and not margarine/oil puff pastry. The taste difference is huge! The margarin/oil tastes exactly like industrial croissants taste.
    Oh, and I don't think your habit is that bad! When I go shopping with my shopping list, my basket contains usually 30% of the things which weren't on the list...

  4. yummychunklet: it was!
    Angela: thats a good description, it was certainly rich but not heave
    Sissi: the fish spread was homemade. I didn't think of the parent child analogy - thats funny and correct. Now I am thinking of pairing eggs and chicken:) I have been meaning to butter pastry for a while, thanks for the reminder!

  5. I'd save a lot of $$$ if I just stuck to my shopping list :) Your favorite photo today looks delicious~ Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. The fish and caviar spread looks like a gourmets delight! The picture is awesome.

  7. That fish spread on sourdough looks like it should be a dessert! Wow, those are such interesting flavor combinations! I like the sound of the cloudberries ice cream.

  8. Lizzy: thank you, it was delicious
    Maris: thank you
    Elaine: it can be dessert if you want it to be, add some jam or dried fruits, custard, sugar...:)

  9. I can't remember the last time I stuck to my grocery list. I've never had a fish spread before...but I enjoy caviar and sourdough bread.