Friday, June 17, 2011

Pig innards and flying geese no more

Pasta with bean sprouts
Food Diary (June 16, 2011)
Breakfast: Rye sourdough toast with lentil spinach filmjölk spread
Lunch: Pasta with bean sprouts
Dinner: Rye sourdough toast with lentil spinach filmjölk spread, tomato salad, rolled oats

I just realized I had beans for all three meals. I didn’t have much during breakfast or dinner. And the total amount consumed during the day was not much but still, eating three times a day sounds boring!

Today's Favourite Photo
Braised Pig’s Intestine. It probably look interesting and perhaps appetising until you found out what it was!

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: NY Times
Geese are beautiful animals but they seem to be causing a headache. Flying guise poses a risk to flying planes and even though planes are bigger they are not willing to pay chicken (or geese) with the geese. In 2009 a plane had to land on Hudson river after a geese got caught in the engine. Since then eradication of geese has been authorized. Last year, 1,676 geese were killed and dumped. This year the geese will not be wasted, it will feed hungry Pennsylvanians via food banks.

I am sure more interesting ideas will come forward in future. Personally I think a good alternative is to sell the geese and donate the money to food banks. Or use the money to buy and donate chicken which is probably cheaper than geese so it will feed more hungry people. I suppose this idea may be good in theory, putting into practice is another story. At least food is not being wasted which is a good start. I certainly would not mind receiving a geese. With an average weight of 25 pounds one geese will probably feed me for a year, at least.


  1. Ewe to the pigs intestine! But the pasta looks delish!

  2. Hah! I'm into offal :D Pasta and pig innards for me! But the poor geese .... altho a good idea feeding the hungry.

  3. Hmmm...that's different. But, it could be good.

  4. Love that pasta with bean sprout, simply amazing!

  5. I used to like pig intestine but stop eating them because of high cholesterol. Now I eat vegetarian pig intestine when I crave for it.. hehe. I would love to have a taste of that lovely looking plate of pasta.

  6. I've had pig intestines before and they really don't taste THAT bad...kind of like chewy bacon.

  7. Those pig intestines are very intriguing. I'm sure I'd love them.



  8. that pasta looks incredible and that sauce on it even better!

  9. I don't think I'd eat the pig intestines. Not even sure they look appealing to me. The pasta however looks divine and I have some geese I could donate to the cause.

  10. Nothing wrong with the old beans! Love the look of your pasta and the photo of the intestines are wonderful, agree. Not sure if I could go further than look, though.

  11. Beans for all three meals...that sounds like an interesting day. I'll have to try it sometime and see how I fare!

  12. Rye sourdough sounds awesome! I need to pickup a new and delicious loaf of bread!

  13. Okay...couldn't get past the pig intestines. Wowsers!

  14. I should be eating more beans. It's funny you didn't realize you are eating 3 times a day until you were writing about it. :-) If miso counts as beans...then at least once a day. =P Pasta looks delicious. Always when I see someone eating pasta, it gives me a huge craving for it...

  15. I hope you washed your sprouts (I get recently obsessed with washing vegetables and can't use to washing sprouts...)
    Andouille and andouillette are French sausages very popular in the Lyon region and made with pork intestines. I really hate them. On the other hand I love beef trip soup (when it's well made and very hot).
    I wanted to say I should eat more beans, but I have just seen Nami's comment and must say if everything made from soy beans counts, then I have beans at least once a day too!

  16. Mmmmm the pasta looks so good. Love the color.

  17. Maris: OK, so you are not a fan of innards:)
    Ping: me too, I love them. We have a sophisticated palate!
    Angela: yes it can be good, actually it is!
    Treat and trick: thank you
    Quay Po Cooks: vegetarian pig intestine – never heard of it but I can guess what it is.
    Joanne: chewy bacon is a nice description. Maybe McD’s can offer with their burgers!
    Rosa: there is only one way to find out!
    Kitchen Belleicious: thank you
    kristy: its an acquired taste, visually as well!
    Jill: OK, sometimes its good to only eat with your eyes
    yummychunklet: you will survive though I am resisting a more detailed discussion on this issue:)
    Erica: it is awesome, and rye is also good for you
    Parsley Sage: OK, so you are not a fan also!
    Nami: miso counts, its probably even better then regular beans, probably
    Sissi: yes I did wash, and also blanched it. Soy beans counts:)

  18. I guess you know me, I love anything pork. So pigs intestines is not new, in fact I tried one of those and they taste good, but the best tasting intestines I tried was a grilled one