Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pork Tonkatsu Balls and Breastaurants

Mushroom and egg sandwich

Food Diary (June 06, 2011)
Breakfast: Rye bread
Lunch: Mushroom and egg sandwich
Dinner: Polenta with white beans
Baking/sweets: Oat sweets

I don’t follow meatless Mondays, nothing against the concept, I don’t eat meat often. Today, on Monday of all days, I was craving meat, pork belly in particular. Unfortunately there is no pork belly in the fridge, or any other cut of pork, so meatless Monday won. I love pork belly and its been a while since pork belly entered my belly! Pork belly is a sinful delight, though not as sinful as it looks or seems. Sure there is a fair bit of fat but its not all bad. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Ang Sarap
Pork Tonkatsu Balls

Today’s Favourite Blog
The food industry continues to innovate in every aspect. Food choices now include liquid nitrogen ice cream, bacon in cookies and black beans in brownies. The restaurant industry, not to be left behind, has Breastaurants.  Breastaurants are not restaurants with breasts, it refers to restaurants that feature scantily-clad women as waitresses. I knew this concept existed, not just in the restaurant industry, but I did not know that the word Breastaurant existed. The restaurant industry is creating new concepts and new words, its all about innovation. 

Prospects look good. According to Entrepreneur magazine it seems sales for Breastaurants is fast growing organically. No silicon implant necessary. Precise sales figures are not available since Breastaurants come under the general restaurant category. I don't think it would be too difficult to obtain sales figures. Covering up is not really their style, they prefer exposure in abundance. I can only presume the same philosophy applies to financial disclosure. Perhaps not. 


  1. Hope you can fulfill your meat craving tomorrow! Happy Monday~

  2. Fantastic choices. I personally stay away from Hooters (probably one of the best known Breastaurants).

  3. Oh no, totally mistake to see Tonkatsu Ball right before dinner time! My stomach responded - so honest! :-) Hope you can eat meat (esp pork belly) tomorrow!

  4. Wow - the food looks great. That is a really disturbing article.

  5. The pork tonkatsu looks delicious! YUM!

    Breastaurants = Hooters or worse? LOL

  6. I have read that the pork fat is not worse than for example lamb's fat, but everyone seems to present the pig as the unhealthiest animal nowadays. (Apparently its fat and meat have some positive elements). Strangely, I find pork much more digestive than the beef which I eat very rarely because of this.
    The tonkatsu balls look as good as all the blog, thank you for the link!
    I have heard about half-naked hairdressers, but never of waitresses...
    It's funny when I opened your blog, I was sure the sandwich contained meat ;-)

  7. Hahaha! What an eye-catching title ... Balls and Breasts! Or perhaps it's just me (?) :P Breastaurants won't ever happen here ... maybe in the underground restaurants perhaps.

  8. Jen: Breastaurants = Hooters. Hooters is the most well known
    Sissi: I agree, pork fat has a lower percentage of saturated fat compared with lamb. But there is more of it:) I think there will be growing awareness that pork fat is not as bad as people think it is
    ping: yes just you:)

  9. The pork looks yummy! Breastaurants! I love it. I wonder what they call places like the Tilted Kilt where it's all about the bottom half of the gals.

  10. Lol love the title balls and breasts!