Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Red Lily Cake and Ristorante brand most popular frozen pizza in Italy

Fish and noodle stirfry
Food Diary (June 20, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with honey melon
Lunch: Fish and noodle stirfry
Dinner: Oat sourdough toast with tomato yogurt cream cheese spread, rolled oats with raisins and toasted coconut

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Red Lily Cake

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Italy’s most popular frozen pizza is made in England! Hearty home cooked meals are typically associated with Italians but the home cooks seem to be on the decline as more and more Italians eat out or look for convenience foods. However the fact that the most popular frozen pizza is made in England will hurt national pride I guess. The quality of the pizza will be the same whether the machinery is located in England, Italy or anywhere else. However based on what I read and seen on TV it seems British food is not the most popular choice for Italians, let alone eat pizzas made in England. I guess many consumers are not aware of where their frozen pizza comes from.

The Ristorante brand pizza produced by the German food conglomerate Dr Oetker is the market leader with a 20% market share. I have eaten Ristorante brand pizza’s many times and it is not bad at all. I hate to say it but for frozen pizza it is actually pretty nice.  


  1. I won't be surprised if we start importing our burgers from China in future.

  2. What a pretty cake! And, I feel happy in knowing that at least most of my veggies are coming from local farmers. Everything else...who knows...

  3. Hey, we have that brand of frozen pizza here too but I've never tried them. I'll just take your word for it that they're good. I'd take a fresh one over frozen anyday... so many pizza outlets all over.

  4. Frozen pizza can be quite good, especialy the thin crust ones. California Kitchen is my favorite brand. I have always assumed it was made in California, but now I wonder....

  5. That cake is so pretty! I love the deco colors!

  6. What a gorgeous cake. So elegant.

  7. Doris: that'll be the day!
    yummychunklet: exactly, who knows!
    ping: you should give it a try, you may be surprised. Plus there's shorter waiting time, and its cheaper:)
    Angela: glad you concur:)
    Maris, Annie and briarrose: it is gorgeous, and probably tastes even better than it looks

  8. Drooooool! That Lily Cake is amazing!

  9. Do I see herring once more in your noodles? I don't know why I don't eat more herring, I feel like having it every time I open your blog.
    I love the pizza story :-)
    Did you know that the big majority of snails eaten in France come from... Poland? I once read an article about it. (Though maybe now they com from Bulgaria or Romania). French consumers think "escargot de Bourgogne" means it comes from Burgundy, while it's simply a snail variety name ;-)

  10. frozen pizza is not that bad actually! I agree.

    love the red lily.

    umm what kind of fish?!

  11. Sissi: you guessed correctly, yes its herring. I am not surprised to hear that snails are imported. I know that they are producing really good quality snails in the UK also, and many other countries
    bhealthy: its a herring