Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Salmon curry, chocolate coffee mud pie and pesticide contaminated fruits and veges

Salmon and potato curry with rice
Food Diary (June 13, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana and flax seeds
Lunch: Salmon and potato curry with rice
Dinner: Dumplings with white beans in creamy tomato broth

The mild curried salmon was excellent. I like fish curry as long as the curry is not too intense. 
Today's Favourite Photo
Chocolate and Coffee Mud Pie

Today’s Favourite Blog
The Environmental Working Group has released the top 12 ranking of fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of pesticide contamination. This years ‘winner’ by a small margin is the apple. Nearly 98 percent of apples tested positive for pesticides. An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, unless you are lucky to find one of those rare 2% of apples with no pesticides. Apple managed to push last years ‘winner’ celery to the runners  up spot. More than 95 percent of celery samples tested positive for pesticides. Strawberries claimed third spot.

Other fruits and veges that made it to the top 12 were peaches, spinach, imported nectarines, imported grapes, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, domestic blueberries, lettuce and kale.

The suggestion is to choose organic where possible to reduce exposure to pesticides.

Environmental Working Group also compiled a group of clean fruits and vegetables. Onions, sweet corn and pineapple took the top three spots.

Luckily I have a couple of apple trees in the backyard which should be ready for harvesting within a couple of months. Those apples will not make it to the top 12 for sure. 


  1. I used to hate curry but am slowly giving it a chance. I do love salmon though so salmon curry sounds intriguing!

  2. Sweeet blog and happy to be here as muc as thannnnk u coz i loved havin u over :-)
    The curry looks fantastic and inviting!
    Love the flow of ur post and that pie has m drooling!
    Oh i so wish i had an apple tree in the backyard too!

  3. I also like fish curry, but most of the salmon I find is too greasy for my taste, unless I manage to buy some wild salmon. I love it.
    The pesticides are everywhere. The worst thing is even organic food can be "infected" if there are close "standard" fields with pesticides.
    I once talked to an old lady at the farmers' market who told me her neighbour sells apples to a supermarket chain and not only do they force him to spray the trees with pesticides dozen times a year (!!!!) whatever the state of the apples or the number of insects/worms, but he has to do this under their control: they come to watch him spray the trees on the dates they imposed. Otherwise they don't take his apples. Can you imagine?

  4. Sissi: that sounds craz,y forcing farmers to spray but I suppose consumers are to blame. There are consumers who prefer perfect looking fruits and thats probably the cause of the problem. At least 20% of potatoes get thrown away in the UK because its not the right shape! I guess supermarkets are working hard to maintain apples #1 ranking:)

  5. Scary stuff this pesticide thing. On another note- love that chocolate mud pie!

  6. I had no idea that apples had so much - scary thought. Thanks for sharing - I'm definitely peeling them ALL from now on. Great mud pie photo and curry with salmon sounds a great idea!

  7. 20% potatoes??? It's awful when one thinks how many people starve, and not only in poor countries...

  8. Ooh, that mud pie is irresistible!!! I'll try to focus on that instead of the awful statistics about pesticides...ugh.

  9. ooh fish and curry does not work with me! I love salmon though, and I used to crave curry insanely after my 3 weeks in South Africa- all we ate there was curry.

    love the fruit and vege top 12 - might have to repost and link so that I remember which ones I should get organic... i knew apples were #1 but i was suprised by kale & nectarines!

  10. wow I love that mud pie! Beautiful presentation. Salmon curry looks mouthwatering.

  11. I want that chocolate and coffee pie in my face right now

  12. I think previous comment disappeared...trying again. Love your salmon, and potato curry, and the beautiful presentation of the chocolate dessert!...following your blog:D

  13. ...I eat apple all the time. I fear I've been pesticidied! At least I've got that lovely mud pie photo to look at :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. It's so sad but true. Eating fruit is suppose to be GOOD for you! Just seems so wrong. I need a piece of that mud pie now.....

  15. That salmon curry looks so delicious! And with that apples yes it is always the case thats why we always remove the skin before eating it, to bad apples is one of my favourite fruits