Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tartlets With Lemon Cream and Does Grilling Kill E. Coli

Chicken liver in spicy tomato sauce with smashed potatoes
Food Diary (June 29, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with honey melon, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Chicken liver in spicy tomato sauce with smashed potatoes
Dinner: Polenta and bean sprouts

My mum cooked liver every now and then but she never cooked it in spicy tomato sauce. I find that spicy tomato sauce goes quite well with liver, both strong flavours keep good company of each other without any conflicts. If you are not a liver fan, which includes most of you, but you want to try eating it, increase the amount and spiciness of the tomato sauce. It will help to mute the strong liver taste and help you to transition towards becoming a liver fan!

Today's Favourite Photo
Tartlets with lemon cream and fruit (Tartaletki na lato. Z kremem cytrynowym i owocami)

Today’s Favourite Blog
With summer well and truly here in the Northern Hemisphere, grills are firing up while E. Coli concerns linger in the back of our heads. Science Daily has an article titled “Does Grilling Kill E. Coli O157:H7?”

Tests were done using E. Coli and steak. The article explains in detail how the test was done but I won't bore you with the details. The conclusion is summarized in the following paragraph “Research findings confirmed that if a relatively low level of E. coli O157:H7 is distributed throughout a blade-tenderized top sirloin steak, proper cooking on a commercial gas grill is effective for eliminating the microbe”.

The above conclusion is not mine, I copied word by word. If you cook steak properly and some E. Coli survives, I accept no responsibility!


  1. Oh, I love today's photo of the day...such a gorgeous fruit topping! Yeah, that article didn't want to guarantee anything, did it? My BIL got pretty sick from a rare burger, so we're much more cautious about cooking our meat...especially when it's ground. Great info here as always~

  2. Mmmm... liver. Gotta do this one. I've never tried it with spicy tomato sauce ... does curry count? I do love my steaks rare, so no responsibility on you there! :D

  3. oh my, those tartlets are BEAUTIFUL. i looked at the blogpost and it's in a different language. wow, i'm so inspired when people make desserts look so classy and beautiful :D

  4. Lizzy: Thank you! The article only informs, no guarantees given, no responsibility taken, only compliments:)

    ping: curry does not count unless its tomato based:) Kidding, I really love liver curry, its awesome. And thanks for relieving me of any responsibility!

    Junia: its in Polish. It is a work of art, with a taste to match I suppose

  5. The berries on the tartlets look perfect!

  6. You always make me hungry. My goal is to take a picture that looks as yummy as the ones you post.

  7. It would take some mighty strong tomato sauce to get me to eat liver. I grew up with two parents who adored it and served it way too often for my childish palate. I haven't tried it in decades, but haven't missed it! The lemon tarts, however, are calling to me. They look amazing!

  8. I've never had liver before, but I do always tell my kids to try everything at least once. Perhaps I should listen to my own advice and give it a try.

  9. I sometimes like chicken liver, sometimes not. I guess, as you say, it depends on the seasoning... Your sauce sounds very convincing!
    The E. coli has now also victims in France too... Also sprouts I think. Scary.
    The tartlets are very beautiful and certainly delicious, but the first thing I thought is I would get really impatient removing the inedible parts before I could take a piece with my fork ;-)

  10. Maris & yummychunklet: yes they are really gorgeous

    Angela: sorry! I don't intend to make you hungry:)

    Kristen: same story, my parents cooked it and I didn't like it so much before but now my palate has developed, hopefully improved:)

    Kristy: you should try, maybe you will love it, you never know until you try:)

    Sissi: those innocent sprouts! I had them yesterday, cooked though.I had the same thought re the tartlets. It looks beautiful though. There are two stages - first make it look pretty for photo shoot, then prepare for eating:)

  11. Love the berries tartlets , look too good.

  12. Those tartlets look unbelievably gorgeous! Now you've really got me craving one. Lemon cream is one of my favorite flavors.

  13. Oh my what gorgeous Tartlets! An absolutely beautiful photo!

  14. That chicken livers looks so tasty!