Friday, July 1, 2011

Coconut Pandan Roll and 10 Most Original Road Trip Snacks

Potatoes and bean sprouts with toasted coconut and oats
Food Diary (July 01, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Ramen noodles
Dinner: Potatoes and bean sprouts with toasted coconut and oats, yellow beans

The potatoes and sautéed bean sprouts was topped with toasted coconut and oats, like a crumble. The toasted coconut and oats added crunch, coconut added great flavor while the oats probably had no business being there. It was clutter, like an unwelcome guest at a party, taking up valuable space and distracting from valued guests! Lesson learnt.

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Sparklette
Coconut Pandan Roll

Today’s Favourite Blog
An interesting article titled “10 Most Original Road Trip Snacks”. There were a few surprises in the list, for me anyway:
-         Rocky mountain oysters available in Colorado. What I didn’t know was that rocky mountain oysters are actually bull testicles. Land oysters, not sea oysters and probably best eaten fried and not straight out of the 'shell'!
-         Fried grasshoppers available in Phoenix. I thought you had to travel to South East Asia to get these
-         Chocolate-covered bacon available in Savannah. I’ve heard that deep fried bacon is nothing unusual at carnivals and maple syrup and bacon are common but chocolate and bacon is sheer innovation.


  1. That's such an interesting dish! I love the idea of the coconut and potatoes - the oats look pretty in the picture - but I guess they just didn't work.

  2. Those pandan cakes are so good! My sister calls them "petting" cakes because they're soft enough to pet.

  3. pandan roll sounds fantastic..I love anything pandan!

  4. Hahaha! Never know until you try it out! Maybe it might work if it's cook a little? :D And I guess Americans are just as weird as Asians when it comes to food.

  5. Love the idea of chocolate-coated bacon and the fried grasshoppers (I ate my fair share in Thailand). Not so keen on the bull testicles but I think I would have to try them... haha

  6. Mary: thank you

    yummychunklet: thats a nice name for a cake

    peachkins: welcome to my blog

    ping: its the side of American food that I never knew. Trying to glamourise bulls balls by calling it oyster - only in the US:)

    Hazel: no harm trying them, they may taste luxurious like the other oyster

  7. I have already had something savoury once with roasted coconut and it was really good! I can imagine them together with oatmeal, pity it was too much...
    I would love to have some chocolate bacon! A Spanis friend once told me bull's testicles are really boring, apart from the unusual/disgusting aspect ;-)

  8. Not too sure about eating grasshoppers but a fun list nevertheless!

  9. Sissi: tooasted coconut and oatmeal is great on its own, and a fantastic topping as a fruit crumble. I have never tried bulls balls, will definitely try given the opportunity. There's not much around:)

    Maris: grasshoppers are supposed to taste like chips, crunchy.

  10. in love with those green rolls! They look so cute and delightful.

  11. You haven't LIVED until you've had chocolate covered bacon! Even better...after it's dipped in bacon, it's rolled in roasted, salted pecans...sheer heaven!

  12. i've had oyster sauce and soy sauce with bok choy in college (before i was vegan) and i loved the combo!!!

    wow these are some interesting road trip snacks. i've never heard of fried grasshoppers... no comment. lol.

  13. Sanjeeta: they are quite cute indeed

    Ann: that actually sounds interesting, sweet, salty, crunchy, nutty, baconny - given the opportunity I will try it for sure

    Junia: I think fried grass hoppers are available in towns close to the Mexican border

  14. I had tried both of that road trip snack except the rocky mountain oysters.

  15. oh wow tha pandan roll looks amazing :)