Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Green tea swiss roll and onion trash good for us

Pickled herring, pickled apple and tomato salad with potatoes
Food Diary (July 18, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, coconut and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Pickled herring, pickled apple and tomato salad with potatoes
Dinner: Oat sourdough with omelet
Baking/sweets: oat sweets

Pickled herring, pickled apple and tomato salad is a strange combination. I combined various leftovers and hoped it worked. And it did work when eaten with boiled potatoes, otherwise the salad would have been too salty and acidic. 

What do people usually eat when they are stressed? Spell stressed backwards and you get…

So there is a sound logic in our indulgence.

Today's Favourite Photo
Green tea Swiss roll (with red bean and Mascarpone cheese).  

Today’s Favourite Blog
One mans (or womans) trash is another mans (or womans) treasure. And soon waste from industrially processed onions could be turned into superfood. The brown skin and external layers which are thrown away are rich in fibre and flavonoids, while discarded bulbs contain sulphurous compounds and fructans. “Moreover, brown skin showed a high concentration of quercetin aglycone and calcium, and top–bottom showed high concentration of magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese.” 

“Lately, there has been an increase in demand for processed onions which has led to an increase in waste production. Accordingly more than 500,000 tonnes of onion waste are produced annually in the European Union, mainly from Spain, UK and Holland”. 

It is certainly an advancement that potential uses of waste is being identified. What the article does not mention is the pesticides that the outer parts can contain. Also a bigger problem is that good fruits and vegetables are thrown away simply because they are ugly. Finding uses of onion waste is a great theoretical concept that has just been published, I really wonder whether this theory can be effectively put into practice.


  1. Everything is so colorful and fresh looking ... bet you planned this.
    I know of a blogger friend in Russia who uses boiled red onion skins for coloring instead of artificial stuff. Doubt I could use that in a red velvet cupcake tho :P

  2. Thank you for the link up. The Pickled herring, pickled apple and tomato salad with potatoes look very tempting! by the way, did you check my post on Longan pudding? got surprise for you..

  3. ping: For easter some people boil eggs with onion skins to color the eggs. I think you should have seriously considered adding crushed onion skins to your velvet cake, for color, flavour and nutrition:) BTW, the potatoes were freshly boiled, the tomatoes and apples were pickling for few days and I don't want to know when the herring was caught:)

    Lorraine: it does, very attractive color.

  4. That roll is so Asian, green tea and red bean, its only the cheese which is not.

  5. Another interesting combination with herring... I still haven't tried pickling apples.
    Stressed people's cravings explanation is very witty!

  6. I love tomato and onion salad..

  7. You introduce me to the most interesting things!

  8. Great piece of information about onions. I love digging into trivia. You have become my one stop shop.


  9. That green tea swiss roll looks tasty! And, I love red bean.

  10. Loving that green tea roll and interesting article on the onion trash...although, I wonder if anything will come of it :/

  11. I am so tickled seeing the green, swiss roll. Love the color.

  12. Yummi! I really missed your menus :)

  13. i've been meaning to "attempt" a roll bread! just haven't gotten around to it. :)