Friday, July 15, 2011

Marble cookies and extreme super fruits

Marble coconut cookies
Food Diary (July 14, 2011)
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with toast
Lunch: Flat noodles/dumplings with tomato omelet
Dinner: Rice and beans
Baking/sweets: Marble coconut cookies

The omega-3’s I have been eating must be working since I came up with two ‘food innovations’ today. They may not get me global recognition but I am pleased, and I will be regularly using one of them.

The first innovation is what you see above. You can call it a marble coconut cookie, a 2 in 1 cookie or a discolored cookie. It really is two cookies in one. I had frozen dough for two different cookies - coconut oat molasses cookies and double coconut cookies. There wasn’t much dough so I decided to mix them. They were awesome. Both cookies were coconut based so there was some matching flavours. There was one problem – only enough dough to make three cookies. 

And the second innovation is what you see below. The photo is certainly not award winning. You can call is flat noodles, flat dumplings or even fresh pasta. What I liked was the simplicity of preparing it, and the end result, soft dumplings. I will for sure be making these often. The secret recipe is available here. By the way a better looking picture should be making an appearance in the near future.  

Flat noodles/dumplings with tomato omelet

Today's Favourite Photo
Beetroot, Orange and Feta Salad

Today’s Favourite Blog
Blueberries are sometimes affectionately referred to as super fruits. Now extreme super fruits have been discovered in the wilds of Latin America. 

Researchers have found that two species of wild blueberries native to the tropical regions of Central and South America contain two to four times more antioxidants than the blueberries sold in the U.S. Although these blueberries are wild species that are not currently commercially available, the scientists believe that they have the potential to become a popular food item or health supplement if their high antioxidant content becomes better known.

So these won’t be available anytime soon unless you happen to be heading to Latin America for a walk in the wild. In the meantime be content with regular blueberries which are just super fruits!


  1. I am thinking the super berries will be even more super if I bake them into a pie.

  2. Both of your food innovations look delicious! What a simply great idea to put two of your cookie doughs together. Your photo of the day choice is beautiful!

  3. Those cookies are DEFINITELY genius! This way you don't have to choose one or the other!

  4. "only enough dough to make three cookies" seems perfect for your blog ;-)
    I am sure you are so creative thanks to the herrings (and the omega-3 they contain).

  5. those marble cookies are calling no yelling out my name. I must have them now- You need to make more for me next time!

  6. Only 3 cookies?! I can't imagine keeping that small amount of dough ... these must be 3 real huge cookies you've made. :D

  7. ~~The marble coconut cookie looks sooo utterly YUMMY... WOW!

  8. I love coconut cookies! Beet salad looks very pretty.

  9. This marble cookie will be a smashing big hit in my house!

  10. Angela: exactly, baking some make super foods even more super:)

    Elaine: thank you, it is a simple idea as long as you have two separate cookie dough

    Joanne: exactly, its two in one:)

    Sissi: good observation! I hope the creativity continues, I need to continue eating herring and salmon!

    Kitchen Belleicious: OK, I will save some for you next time:)

    ping: there were actually regular sized cookies, the photo is enlarged! When no one was watching I kept biting into the frozen dough that had no eggs in it. Its amazing how fast they can disappear!

    My Inner Chick: thank you for visiting

    Angie's Recipes: the beets are really well designed, I agree

    Nazarina: I am sure it will be

  11. Oooo....mixing two cookie doughs together. I will remember that one. Sounds like a fun way to get some unique cookies. :)

  12. Hester! Nice to see her beet salad over here :) Looks so tasty

  13. i love blueberries!!! they are soo sweet and yummy to munch on. i love to freeze fresh blueberries and snack on them like mini frozen treats :D

  14. You make me want to go into the kitchen and make these cookies

  15. Scrambled eggs are so darn good. I've been eating them a lot lately. They help me hit my protein requirements for the baby and they are delicious! Those cookies look like fun. I love coconut :)

  16. Though I'm not down with beets, I do appreciate the heart shapes!