Saturday, July 16, 2011

Semolina blondie with chocolate hazelnut glaze and sweet cherry pie

Semolina blondie with chocolate hazelnut glaze
Food Diary (July 16, 2011)
Breakfast: Oat sourdough toast with medwurst
Lunch: Flat noodles/flat dumplings with Hungarian sausage (kolbász)
Dinner: Pasta with mixed veges

The semolina blondie was great except I was not sure what to call it - blondies, brownies, slices or cakes. Whatever the name the outcome is the same – really delicious. This is the first time I baked with semolina. Semolina adds a nice texture and subtle crunch. And its different which makes it even more special! The recipe is easy to put together, everything gets mixed in one bowl and then straight to the baking pan.

The recipe is available here.

Flat noodles/flat dumplings with Hungarian sausage (kolbász)

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Sweet Cherry Pie
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Source: Mother Jones
How many glasses of water should we drink everyday? Most people will probably say 8 glasses. That’s what I learnt in school, probably in my first year and that message has been hammered in my brains year in and year out. It looks like we were fooled. Scottish practitioner Margaret McCartney is calling it "thoroughly debunked nonsense" in the current issue of the British Medical Journal.

McCartney took on medical claims disseminated by Hydration for Health, a water-pushing health organization created by the company that owns Volvic and Evian. McCartney wrote that she did not see any high-quality scientific literature provided by Hydration for Health proving drinking so much water was essential. On the contrary she found evidence that mental performance suffers when people drink more water than they're thirsty for. 

The British National Health Service still recommends that everyone drink "six to eight glasses" a day, but in the US, the Mayo Clinic's site says that the eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day "isn't really supported by scientific evidence" and that "if you drink enough fluid so that you rarely feel thirsty" and produce enough clear or light yellow urine a day, you should be fine.


  1. yes, i drink water all throughout the day! always carry water bottle with me :),

  2. I always drink a lot of liquid in a day. And yet I still feel quite thirsty!

  3. I also try to drink as much as possible. Those noodles and sausage look sooo good

  4. I also bake sometimes with semolina, I also add it to some moist cakes in order to "keep them together". Your cake sounds delicious!
    Where did you get the Hungarian sausage???? I would love to be able to buy it here... Lucky you!
    I have already heard somewhere about the water issue I think...

  5. I drink more than 8 glasses a day I think! I do get thirsty easily

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous cherry pie...and your dumplings and brownies look darn tasty, too! I made a tart crust with some semolina...loved that crunch :)

  7. This is all useful information. The semolina blondies look very interesting.I use semolina quite frequently to prepare sweet and savory dishes. Will try this version of the blondie for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  8. yummy looking desserts I like the colour of the pie

  9. That Hungarian sausage looks very yummy. where can u get them ?

  10. Junia: that’s a good habit!

    Lorraine: high metabolism? I had a friend who drank twice as much water on average, can’t remember what the reason was

    Maris: thank you!

    Sissi: Hungarian sausages are available at most supermarkets here. There is at least one company that produces different kinds of international sausages. It seems quite popular here. Try some specialty shops otherwise you may need to visit Hungary:)

    angsarap: I guess if we followed the 8 glass rule many people will remain thirsty?:)

    Lizzy: thank you!

    sliceofmylyfe: you are welcome. I will be experimenting more with semolina, my mum makes desserts with semolina and they are awesome.

    Torviewtoronto: thank you

    Obesebaby: Hungarian sausages are available at most supermarkets here in Sweden. There is at least one company that produces different kinds of international sausages. It seems quite popular here. Try some specialty shops otherwise you may need to visit Hungary:)

  11. The sausage looks fantastic! Nice roundup this week.
    I find it difficult to have 8 glasses of water most of the time, but I am perfectly happy to sub coffee :)

  12. I don't know what happened to my comment...I have wanted to bake with semolina and this looks like a great recipe to try it with. Your blondie looks great. I made blondies for the first time last year and really enjoyed the change from brownies. Interesting study about the water.

  13. A hazelnut glaze? How delicious does that sound!

  14. Now I am wishing I had bought the semolina flour I considered at the store yesterday.

  15. Both of the foods you ate look delicious!

  16. I find the whole water issue very confusing. It seems the none of the experts really agree on it. I tend to determine how much water I need by how I am feeling. I just drink water through out the day when I am feeling really thirsty.
    The photos of the food look really delicious.

  17. I drink like a fish; water too. I always find myself drinking more than the 8 glasses, but I also have a slightly salty diet some days...

  18. Yummy sweets, whatever you decide to call it lol. That is too funny indeed that we both wrote about how much water to drink.