Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 Wackiest Fried Foods and Mocha Swirl Cookies

Fish and potato stew
Food Diary (August 16, 2011)
Breakfast: Boiled egg with flax seed sourdough toast
Lunch: Fish and potato stew
Dinner: Lentils with flax seed sourdough, muesli

The fish stew was simple but flavourful. Fish stews are awesome, you can throw in all sorts of leftover fish and pretty much anything else.

At the supermarket today I tasted a fruit jam that I never tried before, and never knew that it existed. Technically tomato is a fruit, and the tomato jam which had chillies in it was really nice. It was made with pectin sugar so it had a jam rather than a sauce consistency. It was nice on toast and I presume it would go well with a variety of foods including burgers, sausages and even some stronger tasting cheeses.

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Mocha Swirl Cookies

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Source: Care2
A very interesting article titled “7 Wackiest Fried Foods”. Many of the items on the list are not big surprises since you may have heard of them already. These include deep fried candy bars, pickles, oreos, burgers, bugs and kool-aid. There is one on the list which I thought was quite innovative, and perhaps specially developed for those who like to complain about greasy batter, deep fried butter. This will make even a greasy batter seem dry. The main ingredients in deep fried butter are butter, flour, water, salt and some oil. These are the same ingredients for making pastry, except that deep fried butter probably has a much higher percentage of butter. 

The one that I have always wanted to try is deep fried candy bar such as mars bars. I might have to do this at home one day. I once stayed at a hotel in Azerbaijan where it was possible to order deep fried mars bars through the takeaway menu. Perhaps lot of Scots visited the hotel, or the Azeri's thought deep fried mars bars were a popular treat outside of their country. 

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  1. Our state fair was selling fried butter this year...I agree that the fried candy bar has much more appeal!

  2. those cookies are awesome. i want to make swirl cookies, even swirl bread one day! and deep fried anything makes me want to get a stomachache....

  3. Deep fried butter?! And how do they deep fry Kool Aid?
    I love tomato jam in place of relish.
    Those cookies are so pretty!

  4. Just read in the papers today that a vendor at national fair selling Deep Fried Cola could not call his fare Deep Fried Coke because Coca-Cola declined his request. :)

  5. I don't like fish, so I wouldn't like your lunch today :)

  6. First of all thank you for introducing me to sprinkle bakes. I love it! Those cookies are on my list to do this week- no excuses either! That fish and potato stew looks really good. just wish it wasn't 100 degrees here and I would feel better about making it:)

  7. Fish stew looks mouthwatering!
    Fried butter? o though butter wasn't rich enough..

  8. I'm inserting a virtual high five into this post because I have yet to see you skip breakfast in awhile......---->>>> ~* ^ 5 ~*

    Deep fried butter. really. really? why are people even creating this stuff when we all know that we shouldn't really consume that kinda crap anyway!? I mean, sigh. maybe I should switch out of the nutrition profession.

  9. Deep-fried butter??? Incredible!
    Your chili jam experience sounds like something I have already made and must post!

  10. Those cookies are tooooooooo cute! :D

  11. Love the swirl cookies, so pretty! And I'm sure delicious too. :)

  12. Lizzy: did you try?

    Lorraine: it is perfectly shaped

    Junia: I have never made such kind of swirl cookies, one day!

    ping: I have no ideas, actually I didn’t know what Kool Aid was but now I know thanks to the power of the www! I suppose its frozen first, bit like fried ice cream

    lifeisfull: hahaha, where there is a will there is a way

    Marina: OK! But I liked it:)

    Kitchen Belleicious: you are most welcome.

    Angie: exactly!

    Laural: thank you:) High five accepted. I miss breakfast only when I sleep in. I suppose no high fives for the deep fried butter

    Sissi: OK, so you are already familiar with it. I thought so.

    Tiffany : exactly, be even nice to have a few of those

    Caroline: I am sure too!

  13. I love the mocha cookies... they are so thick! The thought of deep fried butter scared me. Really!??!

  14. I wanted to try that as well, We have deep fried mars bars here and they are sold in some fish and chips shops, my only concern do they deep fry it as well in the same place where they fry the fish and chips.