Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deep fried food not as bad as you may think and gazpacho

Pasta with stir fried bean sprouts, carrot and onions
Food Diary (Augus 24, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with nectarine, coconut, flax seeds and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Pasta with stir fried bean sprouts, carrot and onions
Dinner: Tomato soup with oat flaxseed sourdough

I have eaten No bake chocolate oat squares  for three days in a row. Sometimes sweets that are quick and easy to make can be a bad thing. However I am managing to keep the consumption within reasonable levels, I think, I hope! Anyway the No bake chocolate oat squares has cocoa and oats and they are good for me, and maybe you too if you eat them!

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Source: Bite my cake
Gazpacho, cold tomato soup

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An excellent article debunking the myth that deep dried food is worse than sautéed food. In short, if the food is deep fried at the proper temperature it can use less oil than sautéing does. 

When deep frying oil transfers heat much more rapidly than air or water and therefore the food cooks faster. The heat creates steam inside the food. The steam cooks the inside of the food and as the steam tries to escape it prevents oil from entering the food. In the process the crispy outer is created.

On one of his 'Good Eats' episodes Alton Brown did an experiment where he calculated the amount of oil used in deep frying fish and chips. I think either 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil was used. That's not much. 

And I don't know whats so bad with oil, other than calories. As long as its good oil its not bad. And you can burn off the calories.

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  1. That pasta looks awesome! I'm always looking for alternatives to traditional sauce! : )

  2. That cartwheel pasta looks so adorable! I've always not been a fan of deep frying for several reason .... oil wastage: in home use you can't be deep frying for every meal and the used oil don't keep too well. Another is ... I get intimidated by all that hot oil. I always make sure my mini extinguisher is nearby :D Luckily there's a shop nearby that sells great fried chicken!

  3. Those little gazpachos are super cute!

  4. Quite an interesting post about deep frying, I love that you post some scientific facts. 3 days on no-bake oat squares, you got me convinced. A definite try out.

  5. Interesting news on deep frying. I got rid of my deep fryer (they are just way too easy and convenient to use) .. but things like chips just don't taste the same ..

  6. I know exactly what you mean with quickly made and easy sweet treats. When I make no bake chocolate bars (I still have to post them...) it's the same: I eat them several days in a row.
    I know deep-frying is not as bad as we think, but it depends on the food and the coating. For example tempura coating absorbs much less oil than breadcrumb coating (I think it's the smoothness of the tempura which is important here). The worst dee-frying experience I had were falafels. They were delicious and vicious: when eating them I didn't feel all the oil inside, but when I filtered the deep-frying oil to reuse it I almost screamed! I think it's the fact that the are not compact enough inside and outside there is no coating, which would stop the oil from entering the balls. I tried coating them in flour, but it didn't change anything.
    Whatever the amount of oil absorbed, I know it's healthier to deep-fry than to fry with 1-2 cm of oil in a pan (traditionally in many countries people do this).

  7. Anne: thank you!

    ping: I once sat next to a German girl on a flight and she was returning from Malaysia. I think she stayed there for many months with a family. She was saying they had deep fried food for just about every meal, including breakfast. I guess that family already knows about the facts relating to deep frying:) I think if you deep fry many times a day oil wastage will be less of an issue, something to consider:) Wish I was lucky enough to have a shop nearby that sold great fried chicken.

    Tiffany: yes they are really cute, and looks delicious too, and healthy!

    Victor: yes those no-bake oat squares are addictive

    Keely: exactly, once you get into the rhythm, it becomes too easy and convenient

    Maris: good news indeed:)

    Sissi: falafels really surprises me, thanks for alerting me. I guess because of the creamy texture you don’t notice the oil hiding with the creamy chickpeas. Maybe sometimes it is good not to measure so you continue thinking they absorb hardly any oil:)

    Looking forward to the no bake chocolate bars post

  8. Your pasta looks so GOOD! Love the bean sprouts.

  9. I love pasta and this one looks great!

  10. Love the pasta wheels you used in your dish!

  11. Good news about the fried foods! I'll just make sure to break out my thermometer next time. And those cups of gazpacho are adorable...cute garnishes :)

  12. Your pasta look delish, love the fried beans sprouts. Would love the recipe!
    Commented on the no-bake cookies:DDD

  13. i love gazpacho - its my favorite spanish meal. i drank one every day when i was in spain last summer :).

  14. Oooo that pasta with stir fry looks delicious! Love the pinwheel that what it's called? I'm not sure, but I like it haha.

  15. Your pasta looks cool, never had seen one of those shapes

  16. Angie: thank you!

    Marina: thank you, it was great!

    Yummychunklet: first time I bought those wheels!

    Lizzy: yes, bring back the deep fryer:)

    Elisabeth: oops, sorry, no recipe. I made without measuring. I need to start measuring so I can write up recipes. It was basically stir fried veges with pasta sauce

    Junia: its quite refreshing. Now its slowly starting to become more popular outside of Spain I think

    Caroline: good question, I have no idea what the name is but pinwheel seems correct

  17. I agree that consuming the correct oil is healthy. I am consuming a LOT of olive oil here in Spain... all over my toast for breakfast and all over my salad for dinner. I know it's calorific but it's also healthy so I let myself go crazy with it! I am also consuming gazpacho for my lunch everyday... your blog seems to be quite interesting for me at the moment! :)