Saturday, August 6, 2011

Drink your gazpacho fast and nasu agedashi

Lutefisk and sauerkraut with sourdough
Food Diary (August 06, 2011)
Breakfast: Semolina porridge with prunes and peanuts
Lunch: Lutefisk and sauerkraut with sourdough
Dinner: Lentil spread on sourdough, pickled apple salad

Lutefisk and sauerkraut together was good. Sometimes if you combine two ingredients that you don’t like, you may like the combination if they cancel the individual flavours. Lutefisk and sauerkraut is certainly not one of them. If you don’t like lutefisk and sauerkraut on its own it is unlikely that you will like both of these put together. The individual flavours don't really gel together in any way, they are both stubborn personalities. 

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Source: Camemberu
Nasu Agedashi - deep-fried eggplant

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A recent study has examined gazpacho to find whether the amount of vitamin C and other organic acids found in each of the ingredients changes after the gazpacho is prepared. The bad news is that gazpacho ingredients lose vitamin C during preparation. The article did not say how much was lost. The authors recommend consuming gazpacho as soon as it has been prepared, or preserving it correctly so that the vegetables maintain their antioxidant characteristics. 

I am guessing the same principles apply to other food and drink preparations as fruits and vegetables may start to lose their vitamins after preparation. If this is the case, perhaps it might be an idea to do the preparations just before you are about to serve. And in case you are drinking cocktails made from fresh fruits, perhaps consider drinking it fast to ensure you get the maximum amount of goodness from the fruits. It will make you happier too!

The findings of this article is unlikely to have much practical influence in how we prepare fruits and vegetables. Even if fruits and vegetables start to lose some of their goodness it is still better to eat them with fewer vitamins than not eating any. 

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  1. Interesting tidbit about the gazpacho...especially as I'm gathering the ingredients to make a batch :)

  2. wow that's interesting. i wonder if the nutrient loss is due to the vinegar or oil that it reacts with? i do know that when i make veggie/fruit juice, i have to drink it within the hour to get the most enzymes as possible!

  3. Still haven't tried lutefisk. But it looks pretty tasty.

  4. Lutefisk...didn't know about it, but sauerkraut sounds great to me.

  5. You always have the most interesting tidbits of info!

  6. Lizzy: it is good to know for sure!

    Junia: I have no ideas, perhaps reaction and also being exposed to air and getting oxidised?

    yummychunklet: I am sure you will one day!

    Angie: Its not very common outside of Scandinavia

    Maris: I try!

    Tiffany: it does!

  7. You have already talked about lutefisk... I really must taste it one day. It looks intriguing and I wouldn't be surprised if I liked it! (I certainly like sauerkraut!).
    One of my friends has a 3 minutes rule when he makes orange juice. He says after 3 minutes it's almost like drinking a supermarket juice...