Friday, August 5, 2011

KFC closes in Fiji and Baileys cupcakes

Semolina prune cookies
Food Diary (August 04, 2011)
Breakfast: Boiled egg with sourdough toast
Lunch: Vegetable fried rice
Dinner: Steamed cabbage with sourdough, semolina
Baking/sweets: Semolina prune cookies

The semolina prune cookies were crunchy, sticky and delicious. Semolina adds a nice crunchy texture to cookies while dried prunes introduced stickiness to the party, as well as great flavor of course. Dried fruit sticking to your teeth is probably not to everyones liking. This problem can be easily fixed by replacing chocolate chips with prune ‘chips’. However prunes have high fibre so while it may stick to your teeth the fibre will help in other ways!  The recipe for the semolina prune cookies is available here.

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Bailey’s Cupcakes

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Until few days ago Fiji used to have 3 KFC outlets. Now they are closed after Colonel Sander’s secret spices did not manage to pass Fiji’s strict quarantine requirements. And banning Colonel Sanders secret mix is Fiji’s own Colonel Mason Smith who is the agriculture secretary. The Fijian has won this battle of the Colonels.

According to Colonel Smith, the breadcrumbs which contain the secret recipe as well as a milk-and-egg mix had been held up for inspection to ensure the products were disease-free. Almost the rest of the world seems to think they are acceptable, perhaps they have some catching up to do in terms of quarantine requirements. 

There is a small controversy though. According to local authorities, the general manager of the Fiji operations stated that the decision to suspend operations in Fiji were because of rising costs and deteriorating sales, and not quarantine reasons as stated in the media. Whether or not they are using quarantine as an excuse to cover up poor financial performance is yet to be known. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that KFC is closed and the locals have to live without it. I am sure they will manage.  Perhaps Colonel Smith will come up with his own secret recipe to keep the Fijians happy, and hopefully not using the quarantined secret spice mix.

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  1. i always wanted to learn how to pipe icing like that! i wonder what decorating tip they used! i think i might hv mentioned this to you already, but i love steamed cabbage. i like to eat with almond butter or sunbutter. lol.

  2. Those prune cookies look like a stack of goodness while those Bailey cupcakes look sinful (in a good way). Good thing that KFC closed in Fiji, I'm sure it's a decision they won't regret. I wish they would close down the ones here too, so my kids can stop comparing my healthy roasted chicken to Colonel Sanders'!

  3. The cookies have very smooth texture.

  4. Today favorite photo is AMAZING!

  5. I also put often prunes in desserts to obtain the sticky side. Your cookies look lovely!
    KFC is the only fast-food chain that really tempts me from time to time. Luckily it doesn't exist in Switzerland, so never go to any fast food (were almost...).
    Talking about KFC, I don't remember if I have already shown you this South Park fragment:

  6. Love the semolina cookies. I have never used semolina in baking before but after seeing those cookies and reading other posts you have done with it you are making me inspired to try using it. Glad they closed in fiji. Wish alot of the fast foods in US would do the same but that will never happen

  7. that is probably my favorite photo too.

    semolina was crunchy ? they don't look crunchy- but I think I get what you are saying.

    so you are saying if I get in my cucumber canoe and paddle on out or down to Fiji- that I can't even get me some KFC

    I no longer desire to go to Fiji.

    just kidding, thats awesome that there is no more kfc - no one needs kfc.

  8. Such cute cookies. I never tried using prune before in a cookie.

  9. Those cupcakes are the prettiest I've ever seen! Lovely

  10. I've never used semolina flour before but your creations ahve made me want to pick some up!

  11. Junia: I have never tried steamed cabbage with almond butter, it does sound delicious. About the icing some practice may be required!

    Foodiva: How dare your kids compare your healthy roasted chicken to Colonel Sanders'! They have some learning to do!

    Little Inbox: they do, good observation

    Marina: thank you, I just wanted to try some when I saw it!

    Maris: in some respects it was a good decision I suppose!

    Sissi: me too, though there is no KFC here also. I eat it very rarely and when I do I am satisfied for a while, like many months at least. Its good to not have it nearby because it makes you appreciate it more:) Thanks for the video

    Kitchen Belleicious: do give semolina a try, I started recently and its pretty interesting

    Laural: you may have to eat as much KFC as possible before heading off in your canoe!

    Briarrose: thank you

    Yummychunklet and Mary: thank you, actually I should not be taking credit for the cupcakes:)

    Joanne: give it a try, you will not be disappointed