Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Being drunk as an excuse and cold tofu with citrus sauce

Spinach and lentils with oat sourdough
Food Diary (September 27, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Spinach and lentils with oat sourdough
Dinner: Sautéed parsnip, carrot, onion and yellow peas with ajvar
Baking/sweets: Chocolates

Spinach and lentils was an OK combination, not the greatest combination ever discovered but certainly not inedible. Spinach and lentil is nutritious though. After the nutritious meal I ate about a ton of chocolate so I guess the nutritious meal was balanced out by the not so nutritious chocolates, excluding cocoa of course. And ‘ton of chocolate’ is a slight exaggeration!

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Cold tofu with citrus sauce

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Blaming booze is a very common excuse for our misconduct, and this includes saying and doing stupid things, displaying embarrassing dance moves and thinking everyone appreciates our loud singing. 

Researchers at the University of Missouri have explored the brain processes of those under the influence. The study provided clear evidence that people under the influence of alcohol know precisely what they were doing when they behaved badly. Being drunk provides them with is a suspension of responsibility. “It’s not as though people do drunken things because they’re not aware of their behaviour, but rather they seem to be less bothered by the implications or consequences of their behaviour than they normally would be,” Dr Bartholow said.

The scientists have spoken but I am having some difficulty with its application. There are different levels of drunkenness and drunk persons become less aware as they get more drunk. For example the more drunk you get the more likely you are to drop glasses, and this is not intentional (well sometimes it might be). So a very drunk person might be aware its not correct to drop glasses but it happens anyway.

The study is interesting for sure and probably it is applicable in general but it leaves many questions unanswered.

It would have been an interesting study to participate as a guinea pig!

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  1. Oooh, your lunch looks delicious! I've just learned how much I enjoy lentils~

  2. That's a beautifully wrapped roll. Spinach and lentils sound good to me ... how about some ajvar? I tell you, I'm so hooked on that right now, I'm even considering a macaron with ajvar filling. Does that invoke an eww?

  3. I'm obsessed with cold tofu at the moment! Except I just mash it up out of the packet with various condiments :P

  4. I would love to help these scientists and become a guinea pig. It depends only what type of alcohol I would get ;-) I would certainly volunteer if scientists wanted to check how people behave after a couple of glasses of ,say, 200 dollars-worth bottle of Burgundy wine!
    Seriously, you are right. After a certain stage of drunkedness people no longer remember or control their behaviour. The scientists's opinion can be applied only to "soft" stage.
    Eating lots of sweets after a very healthy meal reminds me so many moments... Spinach and lentils sound very unusual, but it looks very appealing.

  5. Im coming around to lentils. Its my Greek partner I think. Spinach? I could swim in it. Daily.
    T x

  6. Lizzy: thank you

    ping: actually ajvar would have worked quite well. Wish you mentioned it earlier but then I guess you didn't see this dish coming. Ajvar macaroon would look quite nice with the red color, we only see photos, you do the tasting and enjoying:)

    Hannah: that sounds good to

    Sissi:I like the term 'soft stage':) I guess it would have been fun or tricky to test with hard stage drunkedness:)

    Miss T: swimming in spinach sounds interesting:)

  7. That first picture of those spinach and lentils looks divine. How awesome- I wish you would come cook for me one day!

  8. I think that sounds like a very interesting and nutritious lunch indeed. I have started to use lentils in my cooking recently as they are a great student food (cheap and healthy)!