Friday, September 9, 2011

Plum tart and potato pancake

Baked potato pancake with presunto da Pá Fumado
Food Diary (September 08, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with pears and flax seeds
Dinner: Pasta with spinach in tomato sauce, pickled herrings with oat sourdough

Generally potato pancakes are shallow-fried and contain eggs. There is nothing wrong with shallow frying and using eggs but I wanted to find an easier recipe that required less ingredients and attention during cooking. And I found a solution - easy baked pancakes. They are really easy to prepare, require just a few ingredients and they taste delicious. I added presunto da Pá Fumado (Portugese smoked ham) to the potatoes. As a result the pancakes were salty with a strong smoky flavour. I think I used too much ham but that cannot be a bad thing! The recipe is available here.

The red wine chocolate cake with golden syrup chocolate sauce which I froze last time I made them is now gone. I don’t know when I will see them again. I hope its soon but I don’t think it will be the case.

Today's Favourite Photo
Plum tart with frangipane cream

Today’s Favourite Blog
Nathan Mark Hardy was arrested in southern Mississippi after allegedly being caught trying to steal two bags of jumbo shrimp, a pork loin and two live lobsters by stuffing it into his cargo shorts. He tried to escape by throwing the pork loin at employees at the local Winn Dixie but fell while running away.

On the bright side I think being caught is a blessing in disguise since the live lobsters could have done some serious damage, perhaps beyond repair.

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  1. Hahahaha!!... Nathan Mark Hardy could be whistling dixie 2 octaves higher too! ... oh wait, i meant singing. Those must have been really large pants.
    That potato pancake is calling my name ..... nothing wrong with too much ham.

  2. The potato pancake looks yummy!
    The Huffington Post story is at first funny and I'm thinking, 'seriously?' but then I had a thought - what if he stole because he was really hungry??

  3. Hmm... but if the lobsters had done damage to what was inside his cargo shorts, then maybe he'd never reproduce and have children just as silly as him :P

  4. LOL well if he isn't a candidate for the Darwin awards I don't know who is... :P

  5. Potato pancake sounds and looks yummy! Ok, so I have to plan the red wine chocolate cake... It's to hard to look at it so often without knowing how it tastes.
    I wonder how big his pants must have been... and I agree, luckily for him he didn't go further with live lobsters in his pants ;-)

  6. LOL! The things people will do for some food huh? Stuffing LIVE seafood in your pants- now you know that is a no no- dead maybe but Live? :)

    Love the baked potato cake. Always shallow fried but next time I am going to give your method a try!

  7. A healthy version of potato THAT is something I could fall in love with!

  8. Baked potato pancake? I'm trying this!

  9. Delicious looking pancake, beautiful tart plus I'm giggling at the though of someone in a store with wriggling lobsters in his pants...crazy.

  10. I need that plum tart!!!

  11. I never even thought of making "potato" pancakes and I'm a big potato fan! That is simply delicious!!! Looks like your have nice crunchy texture going on on the back of potatoes.. drool!

  12. definitely a healthier version and it loosk really tasty too!

  13. The red wine chocolate cake with golden syrup chocolate sauce looks so good! So moist, chocolate-y and sinful :D I'd love to have a slice, or you know, maybe two or three :D

  14. ping: it could have been good vocals practice for Mr. Nathan Mark Hardy. It must have been really large pants to fit all those food

    Lifeisfull: I am sure either he was hungry or would have been hungry soon

    Hannah: hahaha, at least this got him a lot of media attention, he is famous now!

    Lorraine: they should just give him the Darwin awards without calling for other nominations!

    Sissi: I was quite happy with the pancakes, I rarely make them. And potatoes – it doesn’t take much to make them taste nice, esp when theres high heat and oil involved:) Sorry that you have to see the red wine cake again, just letting you now that I will be making something involving red wine and chocolate again on Sunday, the dough is in the refrigerator:)

    Kitchen Belleicious: fresh is best, that’s his motto!

    Joanne: I am already thinking of making it again tomorrow!

    Yummychunklet: I am sure you will love it

    Lizzy: exactly, crazy world!

    Caroline: me too!

    Nami: the sides did have a nice crunch but I didn’t use the right potato otherwise it would have been crunchier

    Sylvia: it was tasty and healthier, actually to be more correct, it probably used less oil!

    Catalina: I would surely serve a few slices but unfortunately nothings left, not even crumbs:)

  15. love the idea of baking these potato pancakes! in spain, it is called tortilla espanola but it is more hearty and thick!