Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fiber in coffee and marathon woman

Sautéed eggplant sandwich
Food Diary (October 12, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, sunflower seeds and flax seeds, rice crispy bars
Lunch: Sautéed eggplant sandwich
Dinner: Carrot and onion soup

I have never seen coffee packets containing nutritional information until few days ago when I bought a new brand of instant coffee that just hit the market. One hundred grams of coffee contains the following:
- Fiber: 30 grams
- Carbohydrate: 9 grams
- Protein: 6.5 grams
- Fat: 0.2 grams
- Natrium: 0.2 grams
- Energy: 510 kj/125 kcal

My initial reaction, wow that is a lot of fiber. On further thought I realized if I consumed 100 grams of instant coffee in a day I may have some problems, constipation certainly being not one of them. I don’t know what a serving size is in grams but it is not much, so we take a negligible amount of fiber through coffee. This information, while looking great on first sight, was totally useless. No wonder none of the other coffee packets contain this information. 

However my morning coffee did have a lot of carbs, some fat, protein and other stuff, sort of. Together with coffee I ate 108 grams of rice crispies coated with caramel and chocolate. The supermarket had them on sale and a grabbed 9 bars, I ate 6 yesterday and 3 today. I hope I don’t repeat this kind of breakfast on a regular basis.

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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Cake

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Source: Reuters
This summary is not really food related but it is still interesting. Amber Miller completed the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and guess what she did that evening – gave birth to her second child. And this is not the first time she ran a marathon while pregnant. So the baby also completed the marathon before being born.

Amber completed the whole marathon but the article didn’t say how long it took her.  She alternated between running for two miles and walking for two miles throughout the race.

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  1. ooooo so cool! that might be my next goal- run a marathon while preggers so I can tell my kiddo that they already completed a marathon! Nice!

    3 out of 4 blog posts I've seen today have eggplant. Interesting... and crave inducing.

  2. that eggplant sandwich looks good!

  3. I love how they play up the numbers on packages to make it look good...until you actually take a really good look! Baby doing a marathon before birth? Gee no high expectation for the new born lol.

  4. That eggplant sandwich looks so good especially as it's lunchtime now!

  5. Mmmm ... eggplant. Needs something ... can't quite put my finger on it ..hmmm.
    Tsk, that's not a good breakfast. Throw in a couple of mars bars and some oreos ... that would complete it perfectly. Oh, and a cold glass of milk, yum!

  6. Laural: that’s a nice goal to have, certainly no pressure on the kid, except perhaps while you are running:)

    Peachkins: thank you

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: exactly, the info is not correct but can be misleading!

    Lorraine: perfect timing!

    ping: I didn’t mention details but the eggplant also had onion and garlic. That’s what you had in mind? BTW, unrelated issue, I bought ingredients to make a Balkans spread/relish. Its called ‘ajvar’ and I don’t think its known or available in many countries. I got inspired to make it by a KL based blogger who is apparently popularizing it and now patriots are concerned that ajvar could replace sambal in nasi lemak. That would be a sad thing.

  7. The marathon lady is incredible!
    I didn't know there was fiber in coffee, but since I have known for years coffee improves digestion (apparently especially for women!, at least women profit more from good beverage than men for once ;-) ), it doesn't really surprise me. What surprised me is the 125 kcal per 100g. Of course 100g of instant coffee is a lot, but I always thought coffee and tea were 0 kcal drinks.

  8. Hehe .. I wonder which crazy KL based blogger that is? Tsk, as if ajvar could replace sambal in nasi lemak. Sacrilegious!! But hmmmm .... that's my department.

  9. Sissi: one serving size of instant coffee will be a few grams so the kcal would be negligible, very close to zero. I am guessing fresh coffee has more fiber. I drink both and I can't confirm whether it has more fiber or not:) So man need to get sex change if they want to get more benefits from coffee:)

    ping: its you:) I think sambal added to ajvar would be quite nice, but ajvar in nasi lemak would be horrible

  10. ...super prego lady! That's kind of out of control

  11. I remember watching the news about Amber Miller. I think she finished a bit over 6 hours and went into labor about seven hours after that. Pretty impressive!

  12. i had no idea that coffee even had calories. but then again, i was thinking only black coffee. i assume that the instant coffee packets have added sugar and cream!

  13. I never realised coffee had fibre either!

  14. Haha that sounds like a breakfast worthy of repeating regularly! Perhaps the fibre is some sort of bulking agent or something?! Maltodextrin?

  15. Wow! Is that even allowed?? I'm surprised they let her do it, but since they did good on her! PS Eggplant sandwich, I want!

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  17. That cake is perfectly named, it looks so chocolatey

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