Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haagen-Dazs ice cream cake

Apple beetroot semolina cake
Food Diary (October 05, 2011)
Breakfast: Wholemeal sourdough
Lunch: Pasta and chickpeas
Dinner: Roasted parsnip and cauliflower

The inspiration for this cake came from the Swedish beetroot herring salad I posted a recipe for earlier. The salad has beetroot and apple and it worked fantastically well together so I thought it should work in a cake as well. I decided to exclude pickled herring and onions, maybe I should be more creative and daring! Or maybe you can be more creative and daring!

The cake is really moist. The flavor from the beets is subtle and it complements the apples well. I actually used more beets than it says in the recipe. If you are not a big fan of beets you can reduce the amount of beets, or even eliminate it. However beets enhance the visual appeal of the cake. The recipe is available here.

Findus Simply Green is now inviting bloggers to test one of their products. I presume this is open to bloggers based in Sweden. Further details are available here.


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Haagen-Dazs ice cream cake

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This is little strange but probably not surprising. A study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology analyzed the eating habits of 127 college students and found that when women ate with other women, they ordered an average of 833 calories. When they ate with men they purchased only 721 calories on average.

On the other hand, when men ate with other men they consumed an average of 952 calories but when they ate with women, males consumed 1162 calories on average.

It’s a good thing that men consume more when eating with woman, and woman consume less when eating with men. It means that men can eat part of the woman’s food and both sides would be happy, it’s a win-win situation.

Here’s my expert opinion on the findings:
- woman eat more when with woman because they know they have to eat less when with man, so they make up for it.
- woman eat less when with man to portray imagine of diet consciousness and efforts to stay in shape
- man eat less when with man to portray imagine of diet consciousness and efforts to stay in shape. This sounds weird
- man eat more when with woman because the woman is eating less and man is eating womans share, except maybe on the first date

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  1. That's okay...I think I would prefer the semolina cake with beetroot and apple only. :) I made a semolina cake for FFwD and loved it, so I know I would enjoy yours. The color is so pretty!

  2. Your cake reminds me of a Christmas fruitcake. :)

  3. The cake looks so purty and colorful! I doubt I'd get too daring with this ... it's perfect as it is ... no herrings and onions, thank you very much.
    Sorry, but your expert opinion doesn't apply in my case. It all depends on how hungry I am. I remember one date when the guy said how refreshing it was to see a girl having such a good appetite instead of just picking at her food .... haha! Didn't end up with that one .... hmmm ....

  4. I love how the inspiration for the cake came from a herring salad! Classic! I'm more of a savoury girls but the cake souds nice.

  5. Taking inspiration from a herring and beetroot salad to make an apple and beetroot (sweet!) cake can only come from you! I don't think anyone would be daring and creative enough. The result looks stunning and delicious!
    I totally agree with your expert opinion on the eating habits, but in some other women's cases... When we go to a restaurant with my husband, the waiter mixes up our orders 99% of the time (the typical choice is I have black pudding and he has a grilled fish fillet ;-) ). I suppose, with Ping, we are both exceptions which confirm the rule.

  6. That's hilarious. I'm pretty sure I eat like a pig no matter WHO I'm with :)

    Great cake, by the way!

  7. That cake and ribbon look amazing! And I would have thought that there would be more of a difference between dining out with men or women! :)

  8. I love beet[root]s in sweet and savoury dishes! Love the sound of this cake. The ice cream cake? Not so much for this lactose intolerant lass!

  9. The apple cake is so pretty, I love the colors! I heard about that study on the news. I'm apt to eat less with people I don't know, men or women. But with friends, I can eat a lot :)

  10. Elaine: thank you

    Lifeisfull: now that you mention, it does look a bit like fruit cake

    ping: Ok, but I thought you were the creative and daring one:) I guess there are exceptions to my expert opinion. It is rather tempting to add a few remarks to your story but I will resist the urge:) Funny!

    Martyna: thank you

    Sissi: thank you, and glad the cake turned out good, and happy that I left out herring and onion! If I was the waiter I could easily see myself making a mistake too!

    Parsley Sage: another exception to the rule. It now seems my expert opinion has more exceptions!

    Lorraine: I suppose, perhaps something to do with the choice of samples

    Hannah: thank you

    Carol: thank you

  11. That apple beetroot cake is beautiful! It must taste wonderful too.

    The ice cream cake lookspretty, but I prefer homemade ice creams...



  12. Absolutely nothing wrong with Hagen-Daas ice cream cake!

  13. That ice cream cake is GORGEOUS! And what a fun baked good you made. The colors are awesome

  14. Both cakes look amazing! The beet one so beautiful and unique and the ice cream cake so decadent. Interesting study...I believe that women eat less when dining with a man~

  15. hi three cookies.. the cake looks very tempting and appetizing, due to the red color of the beet root.
    i believe colors do make up on food and make it looks authentic or otherwise :) yours very catchy and a unique mix

  16. I don't think that applies to me cos I'm always eating loads no matter who I'm with!! haha
    and I'm not daring enough to use herrings in a cake!!

  17. Rosa: thank you, it did taste wonderful

    Yummychunklet: no nothing wrong, except we can see but not have

    Erica: thank you

    Lizzy: thank you

    cooking varieties (wan): it certainly does

    Sylvia: another exception, damn too many exception. I need to change the rule now:)

  18. I've been so busy but eying this cake in my saved feeds for DAYS! The cake is gorgeous and what an inspiration from a beetroot herring salad. Looks just like the russian one. Good move on leaving the pickled herring and onions out for the cake ;-)

  19. Whats with the cakes lately, that semolina looks interesting and vibrant and that haagen dazs looks like a really good treat. Now I am craving for something sweet