Monday, October 10, 2011

Man and woman are not equal

Lutefisk and spinach with pasta
Food Diary (October 10, 2011)
Breakfast: Wholemeal sourdough with cheese
Lunch: Lutefisk  and spinach with pasta
Dinner: Cauliflower and semolina, flaxseed sourdough toast

Fish and spinach was nutritious and delicious. I have seen Middle Eastern and Indian dishes combining spinach with meat or cheese but I have never tried it.

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Pumpkin Cake with Caramel Icing

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Source: Real Age
Men and woman are not equal, for sure. Here’s another reason why. A 15-year Chinese study found that for women, a diet that included all types of seafood helped protect them from type II diabetes. However for men, diabetes defense came only from eating shellfish.

More studies are needed to explore possible reasons for these gender-specific differences.

Most researchers agree that it's the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in seafood that keep insulin and hence the body's blood sugar-controlling hormone working well.

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  1. That's interesting that there was a difference between the health benefits of seafood and shellfish. Hmm...

  2. That pumpkin cake with caramel sauce looks to find it on Mary's blog~

  3. Meanwhile, back in civilville ...
    You could have called your dish pasta with lutefisk and a spinach pesto ... it does look like pesto.
    I've had spinach and paneer and they're really good together. So is a spinach pizza with lots of mozarella and cheddar. Yum!

  4. Gosh, I find that scientific study a bit hard to believe, to be honest! I wonder if it will be supported in future...

  5. Interesting about fish and shellfish but I don't know about these studies ever since my stats lecturer told me not to trust any stats because they can make anything say what they want lol :P

  6. Your pasta dish looks delicious. What an interesting study!

  7. Yummychunklet: it is interesting and unusual

    Lizzy: it does

    ping: yes back to civilville, it was fun while it lasted:) It does look like pesto but theres no basil – maybe pesto does not need to contain basil. I need to be more creative with naming dishes

    Hannah: me too

    Lorraine: exactly, it can be considered data mining unless the results are substantiated with logic!

    Elaine: thank you

  8. Interesting about the diabetes and shellfish. Not good if you are allergic to shellfish as I am! The pasta with fish and spinach looks delicious. Never had lutefisk, it sounds a little interesting after reading your link :)

  9. very curious and interesting bit of info about the shellfish! love the little bites of info and sharing (:

  10. So interesting - we are VERY different - the more years I'm married - the more years I'm convinced of it!
    Mary x

  11. Lutefisk is haunting me. If I don't taste it this year I will get crazy! Your pasta looks like if it was with pesto!
    All I know is men and women are not equal in what concerns alcohol intake. (Although it depends on the previous training of course!)

  12. Isn't there a small typo in the title? (I mean singular vs plural)

  13. Men and women aren't equal and aren't meant to be either...Since I don't eat fish either, I will have to find something to stay away from type II diabetes!

  14. Carol: thank you

    Shu Han: thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed reading the info

    Mary: and the difference gets bigger:)

    Sissi: that’s true regarding alcohol, though I know some woman and man as exceptions to the rule
    Its not a typo, it indicates that many men are equivalent to one woman :) Thank you for noticing and informing me, it is a typo

    Shilpa: I am sure there are many other ways.

  15. Lol.. Sissi reads very carefully! :-) I just learned about lutefisk from your past post. Very interesting and I think I'll love this fish.