Friday, October 7, 2011

French ban tomato sauce

Pickled herring and caviar with potato flatbread
Food Diary (October 07, 2011)
Breakfast: Wholemeal sourdough with cheese
Lunch: Pickled herring and caviar with potato flatbread
Dinner: Spinach and pasta

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White chocolate mousse

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France has banned school and college cafeterias nationwide from offering tomato-based condiment such as tomato sauce with any food except for French fries. And French fries can be offered only once a week, so tomato sauce can only be consumed once a week.

The reason is to promote healthy eating and it has also been suggested that it is to protect traditional Gallic cuisine.

I have no ideas how popular tomato sauce is in cafeterias.  If it was quite popular then I am guessing students will find ways around it. Small sachets can be hidden in any number of places. Consuming smuggled food, drinks and condiments is generally ‘tastier’. This ban may work in curbing consumption, or it may encourage students to find innovative ways to smuggle the sauce.

This is my personal opinion but if we ban something, it sometimes becomes more attractive to have it. If you ban something like trans fat because its considered harmful, we can live without it. But if something popular and not that bad nutritionally is banned, some people may rebel. I recall this Adam and Eve story where apparently Adam ate what he was told not to eat. 

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  1. That mousse is certainly enticing! My kids would revolt if they couldn't have their ketchup...they'd be the ones sneaking it into the cafeteria :)

  2. Oh you lost me on the pickled herring, just realized lately it is not my fave lol. But caiar YES please. Ha ha ketchup high school black market here we come.

  3. It's obvious Adam and Eve weren't Chinese. If they were, they'd have eaten the snake instead of the apple and there would be no evil in this world and no need for any bans.

  4. Very unique combination of the pickled herring, caviar and bread. I can't imagine how it tastes like all together. The mousse looks really pretty!

  5. You keep teasing me with the herring. I actually bought a SWedish herring salad from IKEA a little while ago, I should try it for supper one night.

  6. I love tomato sauce but only on certain things like sausage roll, pies and fries. To ban it seems quite strange, I had no idea that it was such a threat to diets-I know there is sugar and salt in it but really, aren't there so many other foods that are worse?

  7. hi three cookies, wish i can address you by your name..
    first, i would say i can eat two of that mousse at half hour intervals. for us, i don't we have imported caviar.tomato sauce is very popular here especially with fries, fired chicken dip and burgers.
    a few people told me and i tested this- clean an old coin, especially copper,using tomato sauce, it will shine as good as new... scary huh? tho tomato has many health benefits, i wont eat the bottled sauce.

  8. Lizzy: hahaha, and that’s probably why it won’t be banned in the US

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: exactly, it will get students to think more creatively!

    ping: aha, so you know the story too:) I didn’t know there was a snake. Its amazing how the apple eating incident has contributed to tomato sauce ban!

    Nami: it tastes good together!

    Martyna: hahaha, that’s not the intention but I am glad its motivating you to eat herring. Its good for you

    Lorraine: I don’t think its so much a threat to diet – probably more a cultural issue. The replacements to tomato sauce could have sugar and salt as well

    cooking varieties (wan): Three Cookies is my name:) Interesting fact. I suppose its the acid in tomato sauce that helps in cleaning. Its not bad, as long as you don’t eat the sauce after its been used for cleaning the coin:)

  9. Would this ban also include pasta dishes like spaghetti with red sauce? Or is it just against ketchup? Hmm...this sounds kind of like the whole banning trans-fat deal.

  10. yummychunklet: I think its just ketchup.

  11. Hi Three-cookies! I wanted to let you know that my blog is in Spanish, french and also in english, spanish is in orange, french in blue and english in pink ;) So you'll be able to understand hehe

    By the way, i really love that sweet chicken below! Looks amazing!

  12. I bet the French haven't forbidden the mustard and mayonnaise (very French and very unhealthy when compared to ketchup) whiles the tomato sauce (I am sure they simply meant ketchup) is still considered as fast food. If you ever take the time to make ketchup at home (complex, delicious, time- and effort-consuming, expensive sauce) don't give it as a gift to your French family. (I won't tell you more! There's a real experience behind).
    Your pickled herring and caviar flatbread looks very artistic. I love the decoration (with onions?).

  13. Ketchup smuggling.

    There's something very wrong...but totally awesome in that ;)

  14. they should just make their own ketchup as I'm sure it's healthier then store bought ones! ;)

  15. i am shocked that they would ban tomato sauce. it's not that unhealthy in comparison to all the other junk they hv in the cafeteria!!

  16. I am not a big fan of chocolate dessert but I would try that chocolate mousse just because it looks so pretty. If they ban ketchup at the cafeterias here, there is no loss for me. I don't use ketchup from the bottle for any of my food but if they ban chilli padi in restaurants here, then it will cause me inconvenience because then I have to bring my own. I brought them with me when I went back to USA and also when I went holiday in Europe. LOL!