Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bowser Beer

Baked egg and semolina bread with vegetables in oyster sauce
Food Diary (November 13, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Rolled oats with plums, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Dinner: Baked egg and semolina bread with vegetables in oyster sauce

Today's Favourite Photo
Easy caramel decoration

Today’s Favourite Blog
Have you tried Bowser Beer? You hope not, it’s a beer for dogs. If you did drink it and you love it, don’t worry, Bowser beer is made from human grade ingredients. You won't grow a tail, I think.

Bowser Beer has no hops, no carbonation and no alcohol. It is almost not beer and it probably cannot be called beer in some countries. The company also offers a chicken flavored beer called "Cock-A-Doodle Brew."

It is amazing that we are creating beers and other products for dogs. I am curious if dogs would select beers if given a choice between beer, milk and other drinks. My guess is that dogs are not fond of beer but it has been developed more for business reasons rather than taking into consideration the clients preferences. I used to have a dog and he was certainly not fond of alcohol. He resented me if he smelt alcohol in my breath, unless I also had food for him. I almost always bought food for him and me after a night out in town! Bribery works in the canine world too. 

For me the word bowser refers to the fuel dispenser at petrol stations. I am sure the brewers did not have this in mind when naming the beer Bowser beer. 

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  1. Love how your dinner is a play on what I grew up eating and calling "frog in a log"!

  2. Wow this caramel decoration is amazing... really "easy" though? The name "Cock-A-Doodle Brew" is pretty creative... but not sure if I'm interested in drinking. :-)

  3. Wow that caramel looks so artistic, but is it really easy :)

  4. What a doggone crazy idea! Beer for dogs indeed.
    Hannah's "frog in a log" is our "toad in a hole" !! Very appetizing names, don't you think?

  5. Beer for dogs! Never heard of such a thing- I am sure the dogs are in heaven! Love the caramel decoration- I have no patience for that sort of thing but I do love to look at and eat those creations!

  6. Oh my GOSH! I actually gasped when I saw that photo. WOW.

  7. The dog's beer sounds at least weird...
    I see you have had an extremely healthy lunch. The semolina bread with egg looks like a mini pizza with an egg on top :-) Very cute!

  8. beer for dogs? oh my goodness that's just madness! and the baked egg on the semolina bread looks sooo good! very creative :)

  9. Hannah: "frog in a log" – what an interesting sounding name. Is this a variation of toad in a hole, but having real frogs:)

    Nami: it is easy when you see the instructions. Looks complex though

    Raymund: it is easy when you see the instructions. Looks complex though

    ping: very appetising names indeed. I am familiar with "toad in a hole" but not "frog in a log". Maybe the latter has a real frog. Or maybe the Malaysian version uses toads:)

    Kitchen Belleicious: eating is sometimes more fun for sure!

    Mary: it is amazing

    Sissi: we live in a world with many people having weird ideas! Poor dogs have to suffer, maybe!

    Junia: thank you!

  10. Beer for dogs? Never heard of that....
    that egg in the semolina bread looks so beautiful....
    And I must say that caramel decoration is truly creative...

  11. I'm loving the photo of the egg in the bread. Looks delicious. And that crazy caramel! Like that alliteration? ;)

  12. That's an "easy" caramel decoration? Looks fantastic.