Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drink for your health

Chicken liver and gizzard in tomato sauce with rice
Food Diary (November 15, 2011)
Breakfast: Toast
Lunch: Chicken liver and gizzard in tomato sauce with rice
Dinner: Stir fried vegetables with polenta bread

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Grass Jelly Ice

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Source: Care2
Here’s some welcome news, especially with the drinking holiday season on its way. Research suggests that older adults who indulge in a daily glass (one if you're a woman, two if you're a man) of their favorite alcoholic beverage (wine, beer, or cocktails) are significantly less likely to develop age-related cognitive decline or dementia compared to folks who don't drink at all. The daily habit may protect against inflammation inducing proteins in the brain, including B-amyloid, a toxic protein linked to Alzheimer's disease. Moderate drinking can boost cerebral blood flow by dilating vessels in the brain.

In some cultures such as Russian, people say ‘to your health’ when proposing a toast. It seems those cultures already know that drinking is good for the health. Whether its done in moderation or excess is a technical detail that we will not discuss here!

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  1. I like how you press form your rice into shapes!

  2. Okay!! Time to start having a glass everyday! Or was that 2 glasses? See, Alzheimer's already setting in, better make that 3.
    We get those jellies here in the Taiwanese eats places and some of those are really a meal on its own, yams, beans, corn, taro ... very filling!

  3. I used to love grass jelly but I was definitely on my own there. No-one else understood why I liked it! :P

  4. I'm 100% sure my husband will like chicken liver & gizzard dish. I like the shape of your rice - I've never seen this shape and it looks so elegant!

  5. I only think about my health when I have my -almost- daily glass of wine and when I say "santé!" or "to your good health!" (I do say this in English too...). I love such good news! It almost feels like a first Christmas present ;-) Thank you!
    Seriously, I have also heard about it many times (I sometimes filter the medical information and remember the useful bits!). There is also someone I know, who has smoked for 40 years, who was ordered (not advised) by an old doctor to drink a glass of wine or cognac every day to make the blood more fluid. He said it's better than giving pills, which do the same... Sadly, he said "don't tell other doctors I told you this because they will say I encourage you to be an alcoholic". It's awful people cannot now draw a line (I have heard that in Western countries, if you say now to a doctor you drink a glass of wine every day, you will be checked as "with alcohol problems").

  6. A glass of wine a day definitely keeps the doctor away!

    I love teh sound of your polenta bread!

  7. I do not understand why Wan deleted my comment on cooking-varieties blog? Does everyone have to like in her guest blogger's dish? That dish looks like vomit. I do not want to eat healthy vomit.

  8. hahaha its amazing how many studies there are that are for or against something! my dad told me about how he was reading that eating 128 grams of fat a day is the key contributor to longevity, etc. while so many others say we need to watch our intake.

  9. Yummychunklet: thank you, it makes it taste more delicious

    ping: its 1 for males, 2 for females but I don’t know if these rules apply if no one is watching:) Those Taiwanese jelly desserts do seem like a mix of a meal and dessert

    Lorraine: maybe because it looks different/appealing

    Nami: thank you. Liver and gizzard together is delicious

    Sissi: yes that’s the kind of news we like:) If doctors prescribe a glass of wine instead of pills, patients are more likely to follow it. And wine is natural unlike pills. It’s a pity that some doctors consider this as alcoholism. Maybe they need to take a few drinks themselves every now and then to start appreciating it!

    Joanne: thank you

    Stella: I suppose you should mention this to Wan since its her blog

    Junia: 128 grams is quite a precise amount. It shows statisticians were at work:)

  10. The Polish also say to your health (Na zdrowie) when raising a glass. Must be something in it...

  11. tori: I figured:)

    Martyna: must be some wisdom in it:)