Friday, November 4, 2011

Scampi Somen and maintaining a properly alkalized body

Lentils in Mexican spiced yogurt sauce with spinach polenta
Food Diary (November 03, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Lentils in Mexican spiced yogurt sauce with spinach polenta
Dinner: Sourdough toast


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Scampi Somen

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There is no shortage of research on what foods are best for us. Most research is probably useful in their own special ways but if we followed all the advise we run the risk of dying from stress, amongst other things. I am guessing the key is in filtering and prioritizing the research. Now to add to further confusion, here is a summary of an important aspect which is rarely mentioned – maintaining a properly alkalized body. If our bodies are too acidic, symptoms include 
-         digestive issues such as excess stomach acid, gastritis and ulcers
-         unhealthy skin, nails and hair
-         teeth and mouth issues such as loose teeth, sensitive gums and mouth ulcers
-         symptoms affecting eyes, head and general body such as headaches, low body temperature (feels cold) and leg cramps and spasms,
·         nerves and emotions such as low energy, constant fatigue and being continually depressed with a loss of joy and enthusiasm and excessive nervousness.

“The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…too much tissue acid waste in the body!”  – Dr. Theodore A. Baroody in his remarkable book Alkalize or Die

How do we fix this? Our typical diet consists mostly of acidifying foods (proteins, cereals, sugars).  Alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables are often eaten in much smaller quantities; not enough to neutralize the excess of acidifying foods we consume.  Common habits like tobacco, coffee, tea and alcohol are extremely acidifying.

Our body is approximately 20 percent acidic and 80 percent alkaline; it is recommended that we consume approximately 20 percent acidic foods and 80 percent alkaline foods. This is not about lemons and oranges being acidic as they are to begin with.  Foods are either acidifying or alkalizing. A list of acid or alkaline foods is available here.  Examples of most acidic foods include peanuts, chickpeas, white rice and rice. Examples of most alkaline foods include onion, sweet potato, lemon, olive oil and breast milk.
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  1. Your lunch looks extremely healthy! :)
    Love the photo of the scampi somen too!!
    Have a great weekend ahead ya ;)

  2. Oooh, pretty green! Hmm, don't think I want to get too caught up in more ideas about how I should be eating... *reaches for the Vegemite chips...* :P

  3. I love the idea of spinach polenta! It looks intriguing and delicious.
    I cannot have enough magnesium, calcium, iron, I have too much carbs... and now keeping alkalized body??? Why our bodies are so complicated? Couldn't we just live off bread and butter (and herrings?)?

  4. Your spinach polenta caught my eye! You make me feel guilty by what you eat all the time - mostly very light and healthy compared to mine. The somen post is so pretty. I've never had somen noodle that way. We only eat somen traditional style and I'm inspired to try something new with somen now.

  5. Gosh, your info about alkalizing the body has hit hard. So glad I read it. Fascinating! Now I need to change my breakfast habit of coffee+ and toast+. Hm. Great food for thought - love the photo of the scampi!

  6. Your spinach polenta looks delicious!

  7. Wow - I'm going to eat more sweet potatoes - LOVE your facts!
    Mary x

  8. That scampi looks amazing. And as I sit here drinking a cup of tea, I'm thinking of grabbing some fruit after reading your synopsis of the Huffington Post article...interesting.

  9. Spinach polenta! I have never had that. I'll give it a try.

  10. Christy: thank you. You have a great weekend too

    Hannah: Vegemite chips – never heard of them but I would reach for them also!

    Sissi: man can’t live on bread alone. I think the saying applies to woman also, sorry, eating bread is not enough:) Our bodies are complicated and scientists make it even more complicated with all sorts of research

    Nami: no need to feel guilty! I would happy swap my meals with you, sometimes!!!

    Jill: than you

    Yummychunklet: thank you

    Mary: sweet potatoes are delicious as well!

    Lizzy: fruits are good!

    Hotly Spiced: good luck! I hope you will like it