Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stir fried vegetables with roasted parsnips
Food Diary (November 24, 2011)
Breakfast: Sourdough toast
Lunch: Stir fried vegetables with roasted parsnips
Dinner: Peas and toast
Baking/sweets: Crispy caramel cookies

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Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu
Oysters rolled in bacon, nice modification of pigs in blankets

Today’s Favourite Blog
Not sure if this is heroic or simple crazy. ‘Professional competitive eater’ Takeru Kobayashi ate 7.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes, comfortably beating the previous record of just 5.25 pounds. To put into perspective 30 quarter pounder meat patties would weigh 7.5 pounds.

Kobayashi is 5-foot, 8-inch and weights 128-pounds. That’s means he ate about 6% of his body weight in turkey.

Kobayashi had one small complaint, the turkey was dry and, therefore, harder to swallow. I suppose he could have done better if the meat was juicier. 

I wonder how much he enjoyed his Thanksgiving dinner. And whether he is sick of turkey.

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  1. Or a modifcation of devil's on horseback! :)

  2. Dear Three Cookies,

    I've never cooked with parsnips before because I have never come across a recipe that enticed me. Simply roasting it with some good EVOO might be just the way to go and yours look delicious.

  3. Hehe the female competitive eating champion is small too!

  4. Ooh I love Parsnips and as for the competitive eating - crazy.

  5. I never cook parsnips. I started to hate them (without tasting) when I discovered some shops would sell them labelled as parsley root (which is one of the most gorgeous aromatic roots and more expensive to grow). Yours look very tempting, I might try roasting them and take my revenge by eating them.
    All the food eating records are always a bit scary...

  6. Ugh, I'm pretty sure I could NEVER eat turkey again after that!

  7. I vote crazy! There's no food I love enough to eat 7+ pounds in one sitting. Your stir fry veggies look wonderful~

  8. Maaannn! That guy sure can eat. I've seen him eat sausages and burgers before and win too! Wonder where he puts them all? I used to be called "Hollow Legs" but this guy takes the beat ... "Hollow all the way to the Toes"!
    Love roasted parsnips!

  9. Love roasted parsnips! What a nice compliment to the stir fried veggies, looks delicious.

  10. Hannah: that works too!

    Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan: roasted parsnips is pretty tasty.

    Lorraine: yes she is small

    Gourmet Chick: a bit crazy, I agree

    Sissi: I have never heard of parsley root. I have heard of celery root, tried it only once. Roasted parsnip (or parsley root:)) is tasty. Don’t let the parsnip win:)

    Joanne: I guess that’s his profession so he will continue eating. Crazy

    Lizzy: he ate it in 10 minutes, a quick sitting!

    ping: that’s a really funny name – hollow legs. I have not heard that one before.

    Carol: thank you

  11. Oysters in Bacon, mmmmm I should try those out

  12. i really don't know how people eat like that, i think i'll feel sick just looking at them stuff everything in. hahaha