Tuesday, December 27, 2011

10 Types of Foodies

Herring potato salad (strange photo!)
Food Diary (December 27, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, coconut, almonds and flax seeds
Lunch: Herring potato salad (without beets)
Dinner: Lentils with bread and pasta

I’ve been having some issues with blogger. Some of my posts refused to appear on blog readers such as dashboard and google reader. I am no techie but I found the following explanation and solution on a forum that worked for me. I hope you aren’t having any issues and if you are, maybe the following may work for you.

FeedBurner will not process an original feed from your blog if it is greater than 512K in size. (This limitation only applies to the actual size of the feed file itself and does not include any images or media files you may have linked to or embedded in your posts.) To get a feed larger than 512K back down to size on Blogger, you need to add a parameter to the address for your original feed's URL — the one that FeedBurner checks for updates in order to keep your FeedBurner feed current — that tells Blogger to shorten it to a specific number of posts. To add this parameter:
Sign in to your FeedBurner account.
Click the title of your FeedBurner feed on the My Feeds page.
On the feed management page that appears, click the Edit Feed Details
In the Original Feed Address field, change the address listed there from an example like the following:

to the following format:

(Note that max-results sets the number of posts you want to have appear in your FeedBurner feed. Any integer value between 1 and 500 is permitted.)

Click Save Feed Details. Your changes are immediately applied and FeedBurner re-burns the newly shortened (or lengthened) feed.

Today's Favourite Photo
Pan Fried Foie Gras served with Miso Sauce and Black Truffle

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: ecosalon
ecosalon describes “10 Types of Foodies”. I am not a big fan of the term foodie and I probably don’t agree with the categories but I will put my prejudices aside. It is interesting that someone has taken the time and effort to put foodies into categories.
1.     I Made it Myself!: this refers to people (foodies!) that prefer to make items themselves. I wonder if exceptions can be made for store bought pastry, especially filo and puff?
2.     The Organivore: They like to shop at farmer’s markets, prefer authentic eateries that serve wine in Mason jars and asks questions such as whether the yogurt in the house-made tzatsiki is goat’s milk or cow’s milk and which local farm, exactly, it has come from.
3.     The Europhile: “I was eating Nutella before you could even buy it in the States,” they say, pronouncing the word “Nutella” in the European accent of their choice. This is the friend who’ll take you to French bistros because they’ll know exactly how to order. I guess you will naturally find less Europhiles in Europe. 
4.     The One Upper: “You like this calamari? Its nothing compared with the raw octopus I ate on my last trip to Southeast Asia”. They are always one better. I know a few people in this category, they try to be one up, not just in food but in every possible way
5.     The Snob: Soup is returned because it’s not the right temperature, wine pairings lacking “nuance” are rife, and if the meal does not begin with two pounds of freshly steamed mussels, you’re in for disaster.
6.     The Anti-Snob: “Foodie culture has totally taken over this city. At least there are still food carts keeping it real,” says the anti-snob while ordering a wood-fired pizza smothered in truffled gorgonzola, figs and prosciutto. Anything that’s served in a cart, from a trike or out of a small window – preferably in a back alley – is acceptable.
7.     The Avoider: refers to foodies avoiding things like gluten and dairy. The avoider follows the advice of the latest health book, they may not necessarily have the actual food allergies.
8.     The Blogging Food Pornographer: “Let me get just one more shot. Wait, can you move the fork just a little to the right? Can we change the lighting at all?”
9.     The Bacon Lover: “I don’t eat meat, except for bacon.”
10. The DIYer: They make most things at home. They are different from those in the “I Made it Myself” category. The DIYer is a little more low key with their cuisine, making things like kombucha, bean sprouts, pesto and ricotta salata.  

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  1. the 10 types... so true... so true...

  2. Ha! So what if you fit into a few different categories of foodie? :P

  3. Hehe ... nice list. I fit into the category of "I bought it myself" for Filo and Puff Pastry. Couldn't be bothered to make it when it's so easily available. Maybe will try it at least once just to know how it works. And when I read "Organivore", I thought I was gonna read about people loving the "insides" stuff ... me. :D
    Why "strange photo"? I think it's interesting with the lines behind and the out of focus potato in the foreground and the lovely color of the onions in focus.

  4. I am happy you have resolved your technical problem! I have also had a herring and potato salad a couple of days ago :-)
    I hate the word "foodie", maybe because I hate the concept and especially I hate when it's mixed up with "gourmet".
    I have tried to put myself in one of the categories, but it's difficult... I am probably a bit of several of these, but definitely not in "avoider". Avoider is not a foodie nor a gourmet (in my opinion of course), unless it's because of serious health problems (such as allergies). Intolerance is not enough. (I don't tolerate milk, but prefer to suffer from time to time rather than forget about some delights made with milk!)

  5. Ugh...I probably need to do that update, too. Is it bad that I zoned out after reading the first sentence? I hate doing techy stuff!!!

    Hmmmm...I guess I'm probably #1...but I've made puff pastry once, and that was enough!

  6. Haha I love that list of ten types of foodies! I would say I'm a mix of a few of them...probably number 1 and DEFINITELY number 9.

    And I wonder if my feed has been having any issues...hmmm.

  7. Cheez ... talk about zoning out, Lizzy, I totally missed out on this and I have no idea what all that mumbo jumbo means. If my blog crashes ... it's bye bye everyone from me.

  8. Ha! I don't think I would fit in any one category, but like most people, I'd be in several. Though, I have a friend who's mainly in the snob/one-upper categories.

  9. Who knew there were 10 types! I expect that there are even more. I think the closest one I'd be is number 8... I'm pretty sure all of my friends get annoyed at how they have to wait to eat their meals that I photograph, before I get the perfect picture!

  10. haha, i think i fit in few too!
    I'm glad you've sorted out the problem! :)

  11. Humm! I am definitely number 1 and maybe even #8- not that my pictures are that great or anything? How funny someone took the time to do that!

  12. If you have to categorize me I will fall in the first item on your list

  13. Amanda: it is

    Lorraine: I think you are still a ‘foodie’ even if you fit into different categories!

    ping: that "I bought it myself" category does not exist in the foodie, there is a separate list for fastfooders:) I’ve never made Filo and Puff Pastry myself but one day I will try.
    Good point, I agree, innardivore should be a category. Maybe it is but on a separate list!

    Sissi: so are you a gourmet foodie:) Kidding.
    You made kimchi recently so definitely #10 is one of the categories for you
    I think the avoider category mainly refers to people who like to avoid because it’s a trend/fad, rather than because of allergies. Maybe, I am not sure

    Lizzy: no, nothing wrong with zoning out. If you ignore the initial paragraph which is just an explanation the instructions are fairly straight forward

    Joanne: you still eat bacon? When no one is watching?

    ping: no bye bye, we will come and rescue you, don’t worry.

    Yummychunklet: I guess many of us fit into different categories

    Hazel: More? Or less?

    Sylvia: thank you, glad its sorted. I think most of us fit into different categories

    Kitchen Belleicious: you pictures are great, like your cooking

    Raymund: we know:)