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Cannibalism is legal in the Netherlands

Green pea risotto
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Breakfast: missed
Lunch: Green pea risotto
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Source: Reuters
This is weird and slightly disgusting. Please don’t continue reading if you are eating something now, are a vegetarian, have a sensitive stomach or just not in the mood of reading something unpleasant.

Cannibalism is legal in the Netherlands. Two Dutch TV hosts cooked and ate each other's flesh. A butcher advised presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno on which were the best cuts of human flesh. A surgeon removed the strips of muscle from Storm's left buttock cheek and Zeno's abdomen. A chef fried the flesh, and served it to Storm and Zeno with green asparagus on the side.

Zeno described the experience as similar to eating a piece of car tyre, and took a while to swallow his food on air. It seems to me that Zeno has tried eating car tyre too. I am not sure which is worse, eating human flesh or car tyre. In any case his food choices are “special”.

On the other hand Storm cleaned his plate and jokingly likened his own "meat" to Kobe beef because he takes good care of his body and health.

Eating human flesh sounds unappealing, maybe because we are not used to it. It makes me think of human milk. We drank it when we were small but if human milk was offered I am guessing many of us will find it unappealing. Instead we prefer to drink milk that comes from any other animals. Humans take care of themselves, eat well, follow good hygiene and live in sanitary conditions. Yet human milk may not be very appealing. Instead we prefer milk from animals which live outside, don’t take showers, eat off the ground and some are pumped with all sorts of chemicals. Are we strange?

Pork butt is yum, I love it. But not human butt, from a consumption perspective that is. The environment in which the butts are ‘raised’ is quite different. One is more cleaner than the other, and which one do we choose.  

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  1. Nothing says Christmas like a bit of cannibalism!! *shudder*

  2. Nice Christmassy post, Mr T.
    Those two people sound like they're from a different planet. Whatever it is, I think Mr Storm would look pretty strange anyway with a lopsided butt.

  3. Ughhh that's actually really gross. And I actually prefer almond milk to cow's milk...but that's just a weird me thing.

  4. Those two fellows must be slightly insane...I can't imagine even taking a microscopic bite!!!

  5. Hannah: really???:)

    ping: thank you, Christmas is all about eating special meals:) Seeing the comments makes me realise how unclever it was of me to post this, perhaps I should have delayed this post. I think my brain went into hibernation when I wrote and posted!

    Joanne: sorry about that, referring to the article not the milk!

    Lizzy: must be, and they are not ashamed to go public with it either!

  6. I read that article the other day and it made me feel a little sick! :(

  7. Oh dear, with a headline like that I had to read it but I definitely draw the line there! I feel a bit queasy now :(

  8. I have already heard of this one! Yes, we are shocked now, but the present athropological studies confirm we used to be cannibals some time ago... (Like all the animals when confronted with hunger).
    On the other hand some people bit their nails and skin around them when they are nervous!

  9. Sylvia: I suppose you became vegetarian for a few days:)

    Lorraine: oops, carrot and stick:)

    Sissi: hahaha, thats so true. Eating your own skin, even if very little, is cannibalism. Even vegetarians do that I suppose. Those vegetarians should try pork crackling also, its more delicious:)

  10. Very interesting notes on cannibalism there! You raise an interesting point!

  11. I don't know what to say, eating human meat and your flesh as well sounds so morbid. I think even I am hungry and dying I won't do that