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How to prevent hangovers

Eggplant and tomato sauce with pasta
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Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Eggplant and tomato sauce with pasta
Dinner: Curried potatoes, carrots and peas, rolled oats with raisins and sunflower seeds

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Cranberry and Green Tea Financiers

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I have read numerous article in search of tips on how to prevent hangovers. With the festive season in full swing this timely article has some useful tips, one of which I had never heard of previously.  
1.      Plan Ahead for a Day of Drinking: hangovers rarely strike when drinking at source such as at wineries, breweries and distilleries. Drinking at source is usually planned which includes meals and water and these counteract the harmful effects of alcohol. I suppose planning meals in your evening would help
2.      Eat and Drink Water Early On: hangovers occur because of dehydration, sugar and the quantity of alcohol consumed. To lessen the effects of your hangover grab a bite and drink water before or while drinking. I also find it quite helpful to drink lots of water before going to bed. A friend of mine suggested drinking a litre of milk before going to bed. I have never tried this
3.      Build a Tolerance: this is good advise, get more practice. For example if you drink wine everyday your liver will metabolize wine easily. If you go out often your tolerance will increase. 
4.      Avoid Sugar Bombs: Too much sugar will result in a hangover. Look for drinks that are made without much added sugar.
5.      Get to Know Your Bartender: seek out the best restaurants and bartenders. The article does not explain why this is so. I am guessing if you are drinking cocktails then it helps but if you are drinking alcohol that does not require mixing this probably makes little difference
6.      Drink What Your Body Can Handle: Each person has a unique metabolism and tolerance for different types of alcohol. For example a serious juniper allergy means gin is forbidden while some grain based drinks may be less suitable for you.

A tried and tested but seldom practiced tip is having a drink or two the morning after. Your hangover will disappear as you get tipsy and eventually drunk!

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  1. I gave up drinking 4 months ago...that's a pretty good hangover cure too :)

  2. I like #3 best :D
    I think I've only gotten drunk twice in my lifetime and that's not due to tolerance ... it's limiting myself to a maximum of 3 glasses. But then, how big are those glasses? Hmmm ....

  3. That cranberry and green tea financier is so festive looking.

  4. I will definitely use a lot of this tips specially this Christmas season where a lot of drinking would happen

  5. Thank you, Mr. Three-Cookies, for the useful tips! I am building my tolerance all year and I have already noticed people who drink wine only during the weekend get a hangover with smaller amounts...
    Otherwise I have already tested the water tip and it really works. One glass alcohol, one or two glasses of water, etc.. It does prevent hangover. However, drinking water just before going to sleep doesn't work in my case. I hate milk, so I cannot test this one.
    I can add another tip: avoid coloured strong alcohols. Whisky provokes a bigger hangover than white vodka.
    Oh, and don't drink beer, wine and cocktails the same evening. Even in small amounts, such a weird mixture can provoke a horrible hangover.
    I am very happy to read about sugar. I hate sweet cocktails and always have mine "dry" or acid and I have noticed I feel better the following day than those having sweet cocktails....

  6. haha but does your hangover get better when you drink the morning after because it actually gets better or because you're now too drunk to care? :P

  7. The pasta and eggplant looks so good! Pretty cakes, so festive.

  8. Eggplant and tomato sauce with pasta looks yummy. When I see or hear eggplant, I naturally want to eat it in next 24 hours. I really love eggplant...

    Thanks for the tips! #4 is helpful as I tend to like sweet drinks... I didn't know about that at all. But I don't need to worry much since I'm very light weight for alcohol... which leads to #3. I need to practice everyday so I can tolerate more alcohol. :-)

  9. Even though I rarely drink much more than wine, I always drink water along with any alcohol I'm consuming. Having never had a hangover, I'd have to agree with that tip. :)

  10. According to a few of my friends, eating butter before having alcohol can keep the drunkenness away as it lines the stomach to prevent the absorption of alcohol.

  11. Parsley Sage: that’s an effective hangover prevention strategy:)

    ping: me too, such good advice is rare. My red wine glass, if filled to the brim, can take little over half a litre. Three of those?

    Elaine: it is attractive and festive looking, and probably very delicious too

    Raymund: that gives you an opportunity to test the tips:)

    Sissi: that’s a good tip – colored spirits. Also avoiding mixing. The Russians (and maybe other cultures) say that if mixing alcohol drink with rising % not lower. So moving from beer to vodka is fine but not vice versa.
    Now I am realizing the article missed out on many more useful tips

    Joanne: either or, as long as the headache goes away:)

    Carol: very pretty and festive cake indeed

    Nami: yes I think you need more practice, then you can test tip 4:)

    Mary: OK, that tip has a 100% success record with you!

    Sylvia: I’ve also heard about eating fatty food because it lines the stomach. But I think fat is mixed with other food and digested, maybe. Need to test this more thoroughly!

  12. Drinking the next morning: we call it the Hair of the Dog.

    Great tips for the party season lol...although one should not exaggerate on purpose. Easier said then done.

  13. My views about this article is that one is after the drinking, to eat raw-vegetable such as carrot,tomato and should be taken the meal before going to bed its gives to vitamins that helps to body to access the alcohol absorb.