Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mulled Wine Spiced Chocolate Cake

Mulled Wine Spiced Chocolate Cake with Coffee Cream
Food Diary (January 01, 2012)
Breakfast: missed
Lunch: Egg spread with bread, potato egg salad
Dinner: Pork pulau
Baking/sweets: Mulled Wine Spiced Chocolate Cake with Coffee Cream, Pavlova with Cream

The mulled wine (glögg) spiced chocolate cake is almost like a brownie, rich and dense.  The recipe is available here

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Chocolate Mousse Cake

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Champagne:
1.      The classic Champagne coupe was adapted from a wax mold made from the breast of Marie Antoinette.
2.      There is about 90 pounds per square inch of pressure in a bottle of Champagne. That’s more than triple the pressure in an automobile tire.
3.      A Champagne cork reaches a velocity of about 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour) if popped out of the bottle.
4.      The longest recorded flight of a Champagne cork is over 177 feet (54 meters).
5.      Actress Marilyn Monroe took a bath in 350 bottles of Champagne. I wonder what happened to the champagne after she took the bath
6.      There are approximately 49 million bubbles in a standard sized bottle of Champagne.
7.      The largest bottle size for Champagne is called a Melchizedek and is equal to 40 standard bottles or 30 liters.
8.      A Champagne riddler can turn as many as 50,000 bottles in a single day.
9.      Don’t drink Champagne quickly or the bubbles will cause the alcohol to enter your bloodstream too fast often causing a headache. Savor your Champagne in small sips to taste the wine but also dissipate the bubbles before swallowing.
10.  In the movie adaptations James Bond drinks Champagne more than any other beverage (nearly 40 glasses and counting).

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  1. The cake sounds wonderful with the mulled wined. Looks moist and rich. But now you have traumatized me with Marie Antoinette's breasts.

  2. I loved that photo from Lizzy as well!

  3. Spiced chocolate is always tempting. And coffee cream ... whoa, indulgence.
    Yay! Lizzy's cake!
    Good grief! That almost sounds like they chopped off Marie A's breast to make a mould out of. Why didn't they use her head instead .. it would have made a larger and I would assume, a preferable and more popular sized champagne coupe.

  4. I can't decide between the mulled wine cake and Lizzy's cake - hmmmm -- all the very best for 2012
    Mary x

  5. How funny about James Bond! I expect everyone would guess that Martinis were his most drunk drink! :P

  6. That mulled wine cake and the chocolate mousse cake looks gorgeous-and nice and rich too!

  7. Wow! The cake looks extraordinary! It might be a great idea to use up the ready-to-warm mulled wine bottle I was offered and which I'm sure is not as good as the home-made...
    I wanted to add some points about champagne: it should never be served in coupes! The person who invented them had no idea about wines (not to mention champagne); from the taste and aroma point of view (not to mention the bubbles) it's as if one served a 30 euros- worth wine in saucers!
    Another point I wanted to add: champagne improves mood much more then any still wine! Always :-)

  8. I like mulled wine more than most types of wine/alcohol so I'm sure I'd love it in this cake! Looks so dense and moist!

  9. I'm with everyone else...mulled wine cake sounds divine!! My brother made some mulled wine from scratch the other night, and I can imagine how wonderful those flavors would taste in a cake.

  10. A cake with mulled wine!! Give me some please!! I love how dense it looks, somewhat like a brownie?

  11. Cheap Ethnic Eatz: sorry about that!

    Yummychunklet: it is awesome

    ping: why her head – because it was probably empty already:) Kidding. Unfortunately I can’t say more on this issue, I am censoring my own comments but you can guess what I was going to say:)

    Mary: take both!

    Hannah: exactly

    Lorraine: it was quite nice and rich

    Sissi: I am guessing with a coupe the bubbles escape faster and maybe the champagne will oxidise faster as well. I guess mentally we are used to drinking wine/champagne from proper glasses. If we were used to drinking wine from saucers it might have been normal. I know in some cultures they drink hot tea from saucers – because it cools faster. Looks strange but its normal for them.

    Joanne: thank you

    Kitchen Belleicious: thank you

    Kate: HELLO:)

    Caroline: home made mulled wine would have been awesome, plus the extra aroma

    Sylvia: it is almost like a brownie, quite dense

  12. Absolutely fabulous! Mulled wine in a cake, can I please have a big piece of that?

  13. i love how all of your baked goods are so unique! mulled wine and chocolate sound awesome. happy new year!

  14. What I meant was that you never see the bubbles develop in a normal way (good champagne has a certain way of bubbling) and most of all you don't feel the wine aroma (or champagne aroma), because it has no place to develop... Well-shaped wine glasses are not more expensive because they are fancy but because their form allows to smell the wine. If you have an occasion to make once a test between a small cheap glass (the kind of cheapest Ikea glasses) and a good quality bigger glass an put some good wine in both, you will see a difference. It was a huge shock for me the first time. Of course if I bought a 3 euro bottle of wine I could drink it from a saucer: there would absolutely be no difference or even maybe it would be better not to smell it ;-)

  15. Asmita: sure

    Junia: thank you, happy new year to you too

    Sissi: I am sure there is a noticable difference in good and bad wine glasses, and there is also a huge psychological difference. I saw a Heston documentary where he put some cheap white wine (Blue Nun) through a soda machine to carbonate it. He then gave this carbonated wine as well as good champagne to drinkers in London, many of whom were regular champagne drinkers. The carbonated cheap wine was preferred:)

  16. You are totally right. However, I'm not surprised by Heston's experience: 99% of the famous champagne brands are worth less than a good, but cheap sparkling wine. People pay for the brands and are snobbish in the way they see wines (even the wine critics). Most wine vendors have more or less the same famous champagne brands and say that most clients refuse to buy unknown champagne bottles, so they sell what clients buy.
    I think the more snobbish someone is, the more the psychological side works. I am sure I would be influenced too, but I'm trying to be objective and not judge wine/champagne brands or prices.

  17. Sissi: I agree about the price/brand and psychological effect. Its always nice to find unknown but good quality wine and other products because they are cheaper compared to the popular brands. Sometime ago South African wines used to be really cheap because they were unknown. Now they are becoming more known and the price is going up:(