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Our body does not get older than 15½ years!

Fried rice
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Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Fried rice
Dinner: Sandwiches
Baking/sweets: Panna cotta with berry compote, shortbread cookies, chocolate cinnamon cookies

Panna cotta with berry compote

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This is not really food related but very interesting. Our body does not get older than 15½ years.

According to recent research, the average age of a human body, that is muscles and guts, is 15½ years. The reason is that every day 432 billion cells die and are replaced with new cells. This regeneration is happening right now, as you are reading this. Some fascinating facts about regeneration:
-         Cells in our digestive system, from the stomach to the large bowel, are replaced every 5 minutes.
-         Gums are replaced every two weeks.
-         A new liver every five months.
-         New covering of skin every four weeks.
-         Our red blood cells live 120 days.
-         Our heart is replaced every six to nine months.
-         Our liver is capable of renewing and repairing from as little as 25 percent of its tissue.
-     New studies are indicating that even brain cells may regenerate.

We could have a better functioning body in future if we take the right steps. The question is whether our new cells will be a healthier or less healthy. The quality of the new cells is dependent on the raw material, the food that was available when the replacement cells were being formed. If we feed the body the proper food and nutrition, the new cells being formed can actually be stronger and healthier than the old cells ever were. There are limits to this. Researchers estimate that 30 percent of our health is determined by genetics. 

The article lists the 5 big degenerators that negatively affect our health. These are processed foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and rancid fats and oils. When I read that the liver regenerates every 5 months I was thinking that alcohol abuse can be fixed. Maybe not.

The 5 big regenerators or the good foods are fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, lots of pure water and exercise.

Once the body has the basic raw materials for proper regeneration the next step is how we use that body. Equally important is how we use the mind that “drives” the body. The body was not meant to sit idle. Neither was our mind. If you are not moving the body regularly, it will become toxic and acidic. Some health professionals say you should not sit for more than one hour without getting up and moving around.

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  1. 5 months - wow - you may have just pushed me to do something about everything! I'm not as old as I thought I was :)
    Mary x

  2. Wow! That's good news indeed. Now to wait for my brain to tell that to the rest of my body :P
    Seriously, that's inspiration to eat healthier.

    1. I am sure the message will get across soon!
      And its also inspiration to eat unhealthy because it seems we can always make up for it:)

  3. That is utterly, utterly fascinating!

  4. Love the look of those biscuit sticks!

  5. The body age article is quite interesting and your fried rice is just the way I like it - dark!
    PS tried to email you but the message bounced. Waned to know how your camera was going :-)

    1. Thank you.
      I think the camera is still in the mail, will let you know

  6. The fried rice looks so appetising! Fried rice is probably the best leftover dish that was invented. I am so often surprised how delicious is my fried rice made with leftovers from an elaborate, difficult dish which was not as delicious ;-)
    This article is really fascinating. You were right to choose it for us! I had no idea about the renewal (apart from the skin cells). Amazing!

    1. I agree, fried rice seems to be the best leftover dish.
      That article was interesting, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the facts

  7. I always so wary of articles that state unequivocally that caffeine and oils are bad for you...because there are so many other articles that say they're good! In my opinion, the biggest degenerators are alcohol, nicotine, and processed foods. Everything else - moderation.

    1. I was also surprised to see coffee in the bad list. The oil part refers to rancid oil, not regular oil

  8. Such a great post. I knew about some of those individually, like the skin, but never thought about it as a whole. Your are what you eat.

  9. What! 15 1/2 yrs! Crazy but true based on you are what you eat.

    1. Exactly, sounds very young. Some of us live 15½ many times over!

  10. I can always count on you to share great articles with us! :)