Friday, January 27, 2012

The Strangest Packaged Foods of All Time

Pasta with mushrooms and ham
Food Diary (January 27, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Pasta with mushrooms and ham
Dinner: Lentils and bread
Baking/sweets:  Chocolates

Today I bought bacon, much more than I needed, and since I don’t eat it often I decided to freeze part of it. I usually cut bacon into bits or freeze them as is.  Today I read an interesting tip: roll up the rashers individually before freezing. This way all the rashers are separate. It’s a fantastic tip.

Today's Favourite Photo
Drop Dead Chocolate Cake - G√Ęteau Au Chocolat Decadent

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Daily Meal
Interesting article titled “The Strangest Packaged Foods of All Time”. And there are some strange items on the list.
-          Betty Lou’s Powdered Peanut Butter: Just add water to get peanut butter.
-          Pickle Pop's: pickle-flavored ice pops
-          Katadyn Canned Cheeseburger:
-          Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda: the sugar-free soft drink has no calories and a rich chocolate taste.
-          Rose Pork Brains in Milk Gravy: a can has 1,170 percent of the daily recommended cholesterol limit!
-          Perky Jerky: a beef jerky that also includes guarana, a berry commonly found in energy drinks. This one does not sound too bad
-          Accoutrements Bacon-Flavored Mints
-          Dale’s Wild West Rattlesnake Meat
-          Lowrey’s Microwave Pork Rinds: this low-carb, low-fat pork rinds received 5 star ratings from 81 out of 139 reviewers on Amazon
-          Lester's Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda
-          Candwich Sandwich: PB&J Sandwich in a Can
-          Canned Whole Chicken
-          Accoutrements Roast Beef Bubble Gum
-          Dale's Wild West Alligator in a Can
-     Stonewall’s Jerquee: soy beef jerky.

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  1. Excellent freezing tip! Thank you! (Bacon freezes very well, but when I buy it already in slices they do stick together in the freezer).
    Canned food can be delicious (coconut milk, canned corn, tomato sauce, white tuna, sardines, anchovies) or awful (canned seafood, for example mussels), or just neutral (beans) or... wait! Americans call "canning" the preserving process! Most of the food preserved in jars is excellent. I have never tasted a single item from the list, but most sound very unappetising...
    I would love to taste the perky jerky though.

    1. Frozen bacon stuck together is so annoying
      Some of the canned stuff is excellent. For example I've heard that some of the best tapas places in Spain serve seafood that has been canned on board.

    2. Canned seasoned calamars or other seafood in oil is excellent of course, but I didn't mean the ready-to-eat seafood with spices, oil etc. I meant the canned seafood that needs to be cooked ( for example the can of mussels in a kind of brine similar to the one in canned corn... I still remember how awful they were...).

    3. I haven't tried canned mussels yet, been meaning to try. I can imagine its not the best

  2. That is definitely one decadent cake!

  3. Great tip! I tend to freeze 4 slices a bag that way be get a serve for 2 in every pack. Interesting foods on the wird list!

    1. The good thing about rolling is that you don't need separate packaging, you put it all in one bag

  4. Great tip, rolling up the rashers. I hate it when it sticks together and breaks up when I can't wait for it to defrost.
    Ugh ... the powdered peanut butter sounds like a whole lot of chemicals! as in the fudge soda. Eck. Make your own soda, I say.

    1. Me too, so annoying when you have frozen bacon and don't have time to defrost.
      Peanut butter does not contain water. This powdered stuff will be watered down but chemicals will make up for the watered down taste:)

  5. Your pasta looks does that perfect chocolate cake! I'm certain I will never buy any of those packaged foods... such crazy ideas!!!

    1. Those are crazy, but interesting to read about:)

  6. Great tip! and Gosh! That's one really unusual list and I've no intention of trying any of it! haha

  7. That's a great tip. I've had that problem with all my rashes stuck together many times! And your pasta looks so delicious. I would just love a bowl of that and then a night in front of the TV watching my favourite movie.

  8. Just to let you know I am experiencing problems commenting to you blog using Firefox and Chrome, the captch does not work. Now I am trying IE I hope this goes through.

    BTW I had seen that canned cheeseburger, it looks so gross

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I will check

  9. It can be a faff separating meats etc before freezing but it's so useful! I bought a mass of sausages at the beginning of the year and wrapped them all up into portions with cling film. Perfect! Very, very interesting packaged foods there...