Friday, March 30, 2012

Butter pork and cancer from wine

Butter pork with rice

Food Diary (March 30, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Butter pork with rice
Dinner: Pasta with beans
Baking/sweets: chocolates

Recently I made butter chicken and had extra sauce which I froze in ice cube trays. It came in quite handy today. I sautéed some pork mince and added the sauce for a quick delicious meal. The sauce went well with pork. Butter pork is not common perhaps for religious reasons. Lot of people in India don’t eat pork. And butter pork is an unappetizing name. Imagine butter belly pork, very delicious but...

Today's Favourite Photo
Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette)

Today’s Favourite Blog
I thought wine was good for preventing cancer. Apparently not. Women who drink three or more glasses of wine, or equivalent, a day increase their risk of breast cancer by up to half, research shows.

Alcohol is known to increase the risk of several cancers, in both sexes, including bowel cancer. But breast tissue is thought to be particularly sensitive to its carcinogenic effects according to a review of research by Helmut Seiz, of the University of Heidelberg, Germany

Women who consume one alcoholic drink a day have an increased risk of breast cancer of 4 per cent, in line with previous findings, based on an analysis of 113 studies involving 77,000 light drinkers. Among heavy drinkers, defined as three or more drinks a day, the risk is increased to 40 to 50 per cent. Overall, alcohol drinking accounts for one in 20 cases of cancer in northern Europe and one in 10 in countries such as Italy and France, where drinking is more widespread among women.


  1. I loved that egg omelet roll when I read that post as well!

    1. Amazing how something so simple can be transformed into such a delicious looking dish

  2. Butter Belly Good ... could get a little oily, I think.
    Pretty egg rolls!
    Why only women? Men don't have breasts?!
    First they tell me wine is good for me, now they say it isn't. Wish they'd make up their mind. Meanwhile, I'd better finish whatever's in my stock before they say it's not good to drink altogether :D

    1. Don't know why only woman. Maybe man don't get breast cancer? Or researchers are man:)
      That wine study shocked me. There are also studies which say it lowers cancer risk, just like every other study. I guess it proves that the relationships are not clear cut, it depends on a large number of factors. Having said that, you can still empty your cellar and then restock!

  3. I never have leftover sauce from butter chicken! I wipe it with bread instantly! Butter pork sounds delicious. I must think about it. I'm sure your ground pork dish was great.
    Such statistics always make me furious, because apart from the heavy drinking cases, I'm sure there are many other consumed products which increase breast cancer (some oils? sugar? coffee? carbs? chocolate? salt?) it's only that farmers' and food transformers' lobbies all around the world are so strong no one does such studies or at least they are not popular (most people feel less guilty eating sweets than drinking a glass of wine, there must be a certain brain washing going on...). I drink my wine and don't care for all this. What life would be without wine?
    Nami's omelet looks extraordinary!

    1. I can imagine, I specifically made extra sauce to save it otherwise it would have all disappeared.
      I knew this would make you furious. This study felt a bit unusual because usually red wine is considered good.
      "What life would be without wine?" It would be free of breast cancer:)

    2. Oh, no! There are tons of things provoking cancers, breast cancer too and unfortunately in many cases it's simply genetic.

  4. I must have missed Nami's post with the omelet...looks great! Yeah, it seems like each week there is a contradictory study published...I doubt anyone believes alcohol is the sole cause of breast cancer...but cutting consumption might be wise for those at risk.