Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gevalia millicano and 6 foods that will boost your productivity

Gevalia Millicano
Food Diary (March 12, 2012)
Breakfast: Toast
Lunch: Tuna pasta salad
Dinner: Mushroom omelet

Recently I received a jar of Gevalia Millicano instant coffee to review. The review was arranged by Smartson. Call me biased but I must say this is pretty good instant coffee, probably the best I have ever tried. And without any doubt the most unique. Unlike other instant coffees, this one contains powdered coffee beans. As a result there is a noticeable depth of flavor, body and aroma. I don’t know how much powdered  beans it contains but enough to make its presence felt. 

The powdered beans does not completely dissolve, you notice some sediment at the bottom of the cup, just like with brewed coffee. This instant coffee is somewhere between ‘regular’ instant coffee and brewed coffee. An interesting and unique product. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: masak-masak
Pigs intestine – nice to look at, though probably will not excite everyone

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Forbes
Forbes has a list of 6 foods that will boost your productivity throughout the day and sharpen your focus. The 6 foods are:

Steel-Cut Oatmeal
Eating breakfast helps your short-term memory throughout the day, and helps you eat less throughout the day. Oatmeal is low-calorie and will keep you feeling fuller longer, cutting cravings later in the day. Add fresh or frozen berries for a sweet taste, and avoid adding table sugar.

The antioxidants in blueberries help boost memory by activating brain-protective enzymes. Some researchers even believe they help long-term memory function and may help prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Add fresh or frozen blueberries to your morning oatmeal for sweet taste without any added sugar.

Wild Salmon
The Omega 3′s in salmon boost brain function concentration. Salmon is also known to help depression and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The healthy fats in avocado help the brain to function and raise your ability to concentrate. It’s also been shown to help with nutrient absorption and is packed with antioxidants, which can help prevent aging, cancer and heart disease.

Green Tea
Green tea has the natural caffeine boost you’re looking for to help focus. The hot liquid it helps keep you satiated and feeling full longer than a snack. Plus green tea has absolutely 0 calories if you hold off on sweeteners.

Dark Chocolate
A natural stimulant, dark chocolate satisfies your sugar craving while helping you focus. It has a natural stimulant similar to caffeine, which helps focus & concentration. A small piece (about 1/4 a bar) is plenty and a great treat towards the end of the work day.


  1. You are so perceptive...knowing we all might not drool over pig's intestines :) I had salmon and avocados today...maybe that's why I was able to get my laundry washed, dried and ironed on the same day!

    1. Imagine what would have happened if you also had chocolate, blueberries etc

  2. Oh, I love any list that has avocado as a "good-for-you" food!

    1. It seems avocado will appear on most if not all lists, until new research comes out!

  3. Mmmm .. pig's intestines! Yum! Hey, different folks, different strokes. I love the texture of those things you call weird. I might say the same about pickled herring or what's that other thing again ... pickled shark? and durian, definitely.
    I like the dark chocolate part best :)
    Oh, yes, the coffee. Recently, Starbucks came up with a similar product. Now, I'm not a fan of Starbucks at all. But their teeny, one serving packs of ready brew (VIA Ready Brew) is now my go to if there's no time to make myself a proper cuppa. But I think there's some added instant coffee with the microground stuff. Whatever it is, I like!

    1. Hahaha, trying to have a go at me. Won't work in this case since I would happily eat pig intestine. I've also had horse intestine stuffed with fat etc:) Now you should eat pickled herring and durian, not together, but thats up to you
      I didn't know Starbucks had something similar. There's only one Starbucks here, at the airport, and it opened few months ago

  4. I've had those pig's intestines at a restaurant in Singapore and they were surprisingly tasty! I had no idea what to expect lol.

  5. I'll pass on the pig intestines thanks! But on that list of super-foods there are three I love - blueberries, avocado and dark chocolate. I could survive on those three things alone!

    1. Thankfully for you pig intestine is not on that list of superfoods:)

  6. I have always thought good instant coffee is better than bad "normal" coffee. Personally the only one instant coffee I can drink is nescafé espresso (but only with soy milk, alone it's not that good). It also reminds me a lot of normal coffee. I have never seen the above brand though.
    I think I eat a lot of avocado at least and chocolate too, but wild salmon is alas difficult to find. I hate the farmed one (unless it's certified and not too fatty).

    1. I agree, bad normal coffee is bad, worse than bad instant coffee. I haven't had nescafé expresso for a while, used to drink it before. The coffee I reviewed is by a Swedish company.
      I don't eat avocado, I should make an effort. Don't need to make such effort with chocolate and salmon:)

  7. I love breakfast for dinner! So fun that you had a mushroom omelet for din din! :D

  8. Well that is great news, I love and eat all those foods. For the coffee I do use instant when I make a Greek Frappe, I should try this coffee instead. Will skip on the intestines :-S

  9. more reason to eat dark chocolate avocado puddings!!! :)

  10. I think I am one of those ones who will be excited with those pig intestines! I like them they are so tasty