Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ras malai and food poisoning

Food Diary (April 15, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with sultanas and flax seeds
Lunch: Vegetables, rice
Dinner: Vegetables, flat bread, rice
Baking/sweets: various

Today I tried a dessert called ras malai for the first time. Its sweetened cheese balls served with sweet thickened milk. The milk has a mild dulce de leche flavor. It was really delicious, and probably not complicated to make. I have so much more to discover in the world of food, including desserts.

Today's Favourite Photo
Angel Hair Pasta With Tiger Prawn And Lumpfish Caviar

Today’s Favourite Blog
This sounds like bad news, especially if you suffered from food poisoning. The germs that caused food poisoning may affect you long after you supposedly recovered, in some cases, for years.

In Scientific American's April issue, Maryn McKenna tells the story of 14-year-old Dana Dziadul, who for more than a decade suffered from chronic joint pain. Doctors ultimately determined it was arthritis, caused by a bout of salmonella poisoning Dziadul had contracted more than a decade earlier.


  1. Love how the pasta is presented. it's another one of those this that's too pretty to eat! haha

    With regards to that food poisoning article, i think that's really bad news! That's one strong germ!

  2. I have never heard of this dessert. It sounds very intriguing!
    The food poisoning is something I have experienced maybe twice in my life (though I never ended up at the doctor's). Some people I know have it once a year (or maybe it's stomach flu... I have never had this one).

  3. hmm.... the article doesn't seem to be to happy, does it?

  4. Ras malai sounds like something I need in my life immediately. So much dessert to eat and so little time.

  5. I love the way that angel's hair pasta has been twirled. It's very original looking presentation. And I love angel's hair pasta. It makes a great entree. Fortunately, I cannot blame any of my ailments on a long-ago dose of food poisoning because luckily, I have never been poisoned. xx

  6. Ohh poor thing - horrid. But that angel hair is gorgeous!
    Mary x

  7. Yikes, this is the first time I've heard of long term consequences from food poisoning. Maybe I need to curtail my cookie dough snacking a bit! And what a marvelous favorite photo!

  8. I love how that did that angel hair pasta for the pic! I must try that sometime.

  9. I LOVE rasmalai!!! I eat it every chance I get :) My husband and I used to eat that almost every day at one point :) That picture of that pasta is beautiful and I am shocked to hear about the food poisoning causing arthritis!!!

  10. I'd believe that about the germs from food poisoning as hubby got food poisoning one time and ever since then, has become very sensitive to food!