Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rödkål and Chinese Food Emergency

Swedish Red Cabbage (Rödkål)

This braised red cabbage dish is usually part of the Swedish Christmas table. Its popular in other Scandinavian countries. I also heard that Germans prepare something similar, and I presume other European countries make some version of it. There are many different versions made in Sweden. The recipe below comes from Per Morberg, a Swedish actor, chef and news presenter.

Braised red cabbage might sound dull and boring. Not this version, the sweet and acidic flavours are quite addictive. I couldn’t stop eating them. The salad is quite refreshing, and of course cabbage is good for you as well. The recipe is available here.

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Chocolate Mousse Cookie Dough Bombe

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Source: BBC
A hungry Irishman called the emergency services because staff at his local Chinese restaurant were not answering their phone. The man called 999 to complain that his calls were not being answered.

When police reminded him that 999 was strictly for emergencies, he replied it was an emergency as he wanted to order a meal. Local police "arranged for the local neighbourhood officer to call with this man and give him some advice".

The article didn’t say whether the man managed to order a meal or went hungry. It is important that we eat, its necessary for survival so I guess he could have pushed his argument a bit further, but I don't think he would have gotten too far. At least he tried and I think the Chinese takeaway should give him a present for showing loyalty.


  1. I adore red cabbage-I could eat it for weeks (which is kind of what we did last year at Christmas :P).

  2. (Whoa! You should have some tighter security for your blog ... and I'm not talking about your post here).
    I love cabbage any which way ... esp sauerkraut. Is this anything like that? I'm going over to check the ingredients ... yum!
    Letting someone go hungry is a crime. People get grumpy when they're hungry ... could lead to dangerous situations :)

    1. I know, a few of those appeared and I deleted them.
      This is nothing like sauerkraut - which is salty, acidic and uncooked. This one is also much faster to prepare but does not have good bacteria which sauerkraut has.

  3. At first I thought these were beetroots. I like red cabbage a lot, but I use it in a very different dish... (I will post it after Christmas). Your braised cabbage looks very interesting. I am hopping to see the recipe.
    I suppose the Irishman has had a couple too many drinks ;-)

    1. Looking forward to seeing your red cabbage recipe.
      I think thats almost a given that the Irishman had a few drinks:)

  4. I was going to say apples have to be included in the recipe and I was right lol. That is too funny and silly about he emergency take our.

  5. Love swedish red cabbage. Best sandwich ever is hard bread, butter, brie and red cabbage on top! Weird maybe, but so good! Funny you should post this - I'm going to be making some myself on the weekend to post. Can't say I'm a huge fan of Per Morberg... if he's who I'm thinking of. Does he do that show called "Vad blir det för mat?"? I'm sure his cooking is great but something about the guy just doesn't sit right with me :(

  6. Wow that chocolate mousse looks amazing! I want a slice of that deliciousness